Those who live in Bolu will learn to ski

📩 24/11/2018 12:47

Boluda living will learn to ski do: to popularize the sport ski citizens living in Bolu a new project another two years, Yilmaz President stating that they will implement, "We have one of Turkey's most important centers on skiing in Bolu. You are looking at Erzurum, citizens and children gathering and skiing; but there are almost no skiers in Bolu. Our hearts wish all our citizens, big and small, to go to the ski center in Kartalkaya and learn how to ski. For this, we started a study with the Bolu Governorship, Abant İzzet Baysal University and Bolu Chamber of Commerce.

There is a place reserved for university, we wondered if we could make it a ski learning center. If we can do studies related to learning there, those who learn to ski here can easily ski on the slopes of the hotels. If Allah permits, we continue this work. There are some bureaucratic obstacles in the place that belongs to the university, and we are trying to overcome them. We want everyone living in Bolu to learn how to ski. "As the place we will build will be an educational ski track, our citizens who learn to ski here will be able to ski on other ski slopes easily," he said.

While explaining this project, Mayor Yılmaz seems to have forgotten that people living in Bolu have already learned how to rock rock skiing on İzzet Baysal street, which has a concrete floor after this winter snow.