Trolleybus comes to life again

Trolleybus comes to life again: Trolleybus, which became the symbol of IETT and came out of our lives in 1984, will start working again on the Edirnekapı - Taksim line in the coming days.
Tosun, the symbol of IETT, will work on the Edirnekapı-Taksim line numbered 87 and will bring nostalgia to Istanbul residents. With the 6 worker and an engineer from IETT, in the İkitelli Garage, Tosun will be rebuilt in 3 every month and will serve as 101 door number. However, the old Tosun hill with the power of the horns from the overhead line, while working with the new Tosun fuel will run 1984'te removed. The trolleybuses in Istanbul began the 1961 expedition. The 100 was added to the electric bus fleet consisting of 1968 vehicles by IETT masters on an old bus chassis and the 'Tosun' vehicle was added to the 101 door number. Tosun was removed from the expedition at 1984 like other trolleybuses. Just like the nostalgic tram, the new Tosun was reshaped in the hands of İETT craftsmen and was made ready for the expedition. Tosun was the star of Transist 2013 Public Transportation Symposium and Fair organized at Istanbul Congress Center.

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