Basmane Garda 157.Year Memory Photography Exhibition (Photo Gallery)

Basmane Garda 157.Yılı Memorial Photography Exhibition: 3 is the member of İzmir Nature Photographers Association (İZDOF) with the organization of Regional Directorate and also 3. Melih İNANLI, Deputy Director of Regional Personnel, has been working at 06.12.2013 on 157 in Basmane Gar. In memory of his year, he opened a photography exhibition titled Vuslatın Işığında (Light of Vuslatın) in light of Şeb-i Arus week.
In addition to the mini concert given by the neyzens at the opening, plaquettes and paintings were presented to the 3 Regional Director Selim KOÇBAY by the board of İZDOF Association for their contributions to the arts.
In the exhibition, mixed photographs of İZDOF member Melih İNANLI were welcomed with the interest and appreciation of the train passengers and the people of İzmir.

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