Bursan's Half-Century Cable Car

1963, which was opened and operated in 50 in BURSA, began the dismantling of the old ropeways carrying the old ropeways in the memories of millions of people. The new ropeway to be established will reach Sarıalan in July and the Hotel Zone in November.

Within the scope of the project initiated by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to renovate the cable car and deliver the line to the Hotel Zone, dismantling of the existing line was started. 1963 opened in Bursa, and the last 50 years in Bursa, which is identified with the current line in November, after the closing of the ongoing construction work on the ground continues, while the wires carrying cabinets began to be dismantled. Prior to the dismantling of the thick steel ropes with a length of approximately 10, measures were taken to prevent damage to the buildings. The towers were erected temporarily and the ropes were started to be towed over these towers considering the damage to the environment. With the roller assembly installed at the power station, the steel wires on the line are reduced with great care. After the work expected to last approximately 10 days, the old poles on the line will be dismantled. Then the new system will take place in the gondola type cabins will carry the line will be moved to the production of new poles.


Mayor Recep Altepe, who stated that the works started in order to make the half century-old ropeway, which is the first choice of domestic and foreign tourists in the transportation between Bursa and Uludağ, more modern and comfortable, stated that the Mayor Recep Altepe has been working on the 4 bin 500 meter line to the Hotel Zone of the cable car. 8 said he was going up to the meter. President Altepe stated that the most important one of the works they carried out for the evaluation of Uludağ during the 500 month was the new ropeway.

Acak The new system is no longer waiting for the queue. Teferrüç'tenlerlerlerin 22 minutes after reaching the hotel area, skiing will be able to. In this way, we will have the opportunity to use the accommodation facilities in Uludağ not only during the winter season but also in the summer months. Our goal is to reach the new ropeway to Sarıalan in July and to the Hotel Zone in November. We are continuing our efforts to achieve this goal.

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