İzmir's Tunnel and Tram Report

İzmir's Tunnel and Tram Report
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who visited the AK Party Izmir Provincial Directorate with Cevdet Yılmaz, Minister of Development, made striking statements on the city's agenda.
The main items of Minister Yıldırım's agenda were the Konak Tunnel and the troubles experienced during the works and the Tramway Project, which was awaiting approval from the State Planning Organization.
Answering questions about the Konak Tunnel Lightning, next week, the tunnel will begin to be excavated in Konak direction, he said.
Yıldırım stated that within the scope of this study to be carried out by the Regional Directorate of Highways, one of the routes going to Variant will be closed and the other will be arranged as a round trip.
Yıldırım responded to the cracks in the buildings in the Kadriye district and the criticism from the CHP front, said: “We are realizing a very important and very difficult project in the residential neighborhood. Underground and tunnel structures are always the most risky structures. But in this case, you have two choices, either you do it or you do nothing! After that, we have no right to complain. We take risks, initiatives. Who are we doing for? For Izmir… As if we were not doing these things for the benefit of Izmir, 'You started the Konak tunnel and there was a crack in the building. It happened, it happened. ' There are settlements when the groundwater is shifting. Besides, the constructions there are on the embankment… The constructions on the rubble… Now those who say these words should answer why they overlook those places where there should not be any construction at all. Despite all these, people live there, our fellow citizens from Izmir still live. Those cracks existed before. He walked a bit during the excavation. By taking precautions, our friends evacuated. They provided them with more beautiful and more comfortable spaces and took precautions. Leaving this project aside and bringing minor problems to the agenda of İzmir is not a service to İzmir. It is not good for the people of Izmir. Let them leave this understanding now. With this, Izmir is not satisfied. Izmirians no longer want to hear these pointless discussions.
Responding to the question that some citizens in the region wished not to leave risky buildings, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said: There's nothing more important than human life. In addition, there is no objection. Ayrıca
The tramway project prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality has been waiting for approval for a long time at the DPT gate.
Answering his questions on this 'wait', Development Minister Cevdet Yılmaz said, “In these projects, we have general criteria for all our municipalities. We make evaluations based on those criteria without any difference. Any municipal-specific evaluation has not been to date, and no longer. In this development, the Metropolitan Mayor prepared a file for me and gave it. We will examine this. This issue is also the subject of transportation… It is also closely related to our Minister, Binali Yıldırım. Together, we will evaluate this and provide all the support we can. ”
Minister Binali Yıldırım opened the gospel's door and said, "We will solve it ... We will solve it soon. Don't worry."
The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications issued a service report after these statements. 35 İzmir 35 On the axis of the project and organizational studies, he said: When we say '35 İzmir 35 Projects', those who are confused can not hide their embarrassment today. Our goal in this project to make both our public service to do both is to create the infrastructure of Izmir, Turkey's 2023 target. It is evident that he can not compete with the local services in İzmir in harmony with these studies generally done in İzmir. 4 million people living in İzmir know this well. It is obvious that many local services of İzmir are late. We want it to be completed simultaneously in integrity with local services. Izmir, which won EXPO on the way to 2023, should also be ready with great events. We have a lot of work for this. Our organization continues our activities intensely in the land from north to south and all regions of Izmir. Our goal is to strive to work. What we accomplished our goal is for Turkey sees what everyone facing Turkey in the last 10 years. No doubt he sees this in Izmir. We have no worries. We want Izmir to stay behind in this race. Even one step ahead. We want this. We have no problem other than that
Minister of Development Cevdet Yilmaz addressed the party during the visit and made important statements.
Expressing that it is very important for the organizations to walk around door to door, explaining the AK Party mentality, Yılmaz said, “Nothing replaces face-to-face communication. Therefore, it is extremely important to tell the AK Party by touching the person face to face. It is necessary to tell the AK Party directly to those who know the AK Party with fictional expressions and who have extremely wrong impressions about the AK Party. One-to-one discussions against the thoughts that are not belonging to the AK Party and the thoughts that are desired to be placed in the minds of people are important. Our organization has very important responsibilities. I hope and recommend you to do these activities with the neighborhood organizations. ”
Yilmaz said that Izmir deserve every investment, "Izmir, a city which is released in Turkey. However, we cannot say that it has been able to mobilize this potential enough to date. When we move İzmir to better places, I hope our Izmir can be moved to better points as an added value. ”

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