Land and Railways to be Protected by Green Set

The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs has prepared a project to create a “green embankment” by planting trees on the roadsides to prevent land and railways from closing due to the type and avalanche. The project will be implemented for the first time in Konya, Polatlı district of Ankara.
General Director of Desertification and Erosion Struggle Hanifi Avci, AA correspondent, heavy snow and type of rainfall in the winter months in the regions where the transportation of highways and railways said.
Reminding that some highways could not be opened for 24 hours in Afyonkarahisar last year and the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) operated on Ankara-Konya route did not work one day, Avcı stated that the roads were closed and the snow accumulated by the wind during the type precipitation.
Hunter, General Directorate of Highways teams on the roadside sets were created, but these sets are short-term solutions, he said.
Mr. Avci, who pointed out that the snow deposits should be prevented permanently on the roads, stated that they have developed the Green Set project for this purpose.
“We will make afforestations at the roadside that will prevent the type. We prepared the project of an area of ​​50 kilometers, from Polatlı to Konya, the type of which is effective. In order to protect the Ankara-Konya YHT line, we also create a set of trees. There are snowstorms in winter and sandstorms in summer. Konya road was closed for a while due to the sand storm. These trees will also block wind and sandstorm. We also see these sets as wind curtains. Of course, these are projects that will be effective not in the short term but after 10 years. ”
Avci, Green Set project, highways and railways will be created by taking into account the wind movements said.
- Measures are taken against fire -
Turkey also found that the road closures due to avalanches and hunters that inform the identification of 101 points in this direction, Austria and voiced their stand on avalanche barrier solutions by examining the systems applied in Switzerland.
Avci, a system from the top to the bottom of the avalanche and afforestation techniques should be integrated into the mechanical structures need to be integrated, prepared for this purpose in the project this year, Erzurum-Bingol will start to implement the route said.
Stating that the project they prepared against avalanches is not only for the roads, but also aimed at preventing avalanches in tourism areas, “We have been working in Trabzon Uzungol for 5 years. We started this year in Ayder Plateau. Our work continues in various regions of Giresun Eğribel, Artvin Yusufeli and Erzurum ”.

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