Borusan Lojistik convinced TCDD to connect Gemlik and its ports to the railway. | Gemlik Railway

Stating that it is planned to establish a line where freight trains will operate in the region, Borusan Logistics Deputy General Manager İbrahim Dölen said, “The acceptance of the introduction of freight trains in the 2023 railway investment plan to the Gemlik region is a welcome development. We will provide our best support for the activation of the project of transferring 30 million tons of cargo from highway to railway annually in 2014 and 2015 with Gemlik Railway, ”he said.
In line with the 2023 foreign trade target, the volume of cargo in the region will grow further and a very important environmental disaster will be prevented by the railway connection. Dölen said, ini The fact that there is a railway connection to an area where the automotive industry is intense will draw down the logistics costs of these industrialists X.

Source: Logistics Line

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