HGS Opened for Service

HGS 17 was put into service on September 2012. 1 As of February2013, KGS payment systems have been abolished in Fees Collection Stations, only OGS and HGS fees are charged.
Highways Cash The balances on KGS cards can only be transferred to the HGS of PTT in case of subscribing to HGS. Highways Cash Transfer from other banks other than PTT to those who have KGS cards and have HGS subscription can transfer their card balances to the Bank's accounts by applying to the Highways. Those who have the Bank Cash KGS cards from the motorway users may request a refund from the related bank, or if the bank is included in the HGS system, they can also transfer the cash on the cards to the HGS accounts by contacting the Bank.

Source: KGM

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