What will be the symbol of Istanbul, Haydarpaşa station building?

Haydarpaşa Station, built by Sultan Abdülhamid-i Sani, is one of the symbols of Istanbul. On the wall of the building, Sultan II. There is a plaque indicating that it was built by Abdülhamid. This building has many features. It is the starting point of railways, Baghdad and Medina railways.
It opens to many cities of Anatolia from here. When those coming from Anatolia arrived at Haydarpaşa station, they would realize Istanbul. Those who went to Anatolia would experience the saddest state of farewell from here.
For a long time, together with the AK Party government, Haydarpaşa has been the subject of a lot of news about the station and its surroundings. For a while, a Mahnatten-style structuring was mentioned in this region. It was stopped by an intense counter-campaign. The discussions were interrupted when the committee of monuments took the area under protection. However, this time the regions of the Board of Monuments were changed, and the decision-making officers of the Board were appointed to other boards.
Was the fire in the repair of the station building an accident or a deliberate fire? The fire pitted at us at the time of the fire. We've seen the sadness of the fire.
Following the Marmaray project, trains were lifted as a result of the development of the Istanbul Ankara railway and the transfer of the Istanbul leg to a forward location, and now the gar and its surroundings are in a deep silence.
The news about the station building is not on the agenda. Minister Yildirim gave a statement that the building will not be demolished, but will be protected. However, the information leaked to the public is even more serious. It is said that the building will be turned into an entertainment center. This is both contrary to the spirit of Sultan Abdulhamid II and hurtful and a blow to the cultural history.
Railways are also a symbol of resistance against British imperialism. The purpose of the Baghdad railways is to reach Baghdad and its surroundings as soon as possible and to protect the region from British imperialism. It is to ensure that soldiers are sent there as soon as possible. The Medina railway is both for the purpose of making the pilgrimage to the Hejaz region, holy places, and for the purpose of making the pilgrimage easy, and for preventing the British from entering the region through Palestine. Buildings that are symbols in European countries are preserved. We witnessed how buildings that were commonplace to us were preserved and how they were compiled for their purposes in several cities we traveled around Europe.
Albert Camus, in Prague, right next to a large cathedral, at the time, which is worse than the structure of our shanty buildings, we have seen how the building was compiled and became a museum.
Haydarpaşa Station, Sultan II. It represents Abdulhamid. If so, it is best to protect this building on his behalf and make it suitable for his soul. First of all, it can be turned into a museum of Sultan Abdülhamid II. The period of the 33-year reign can be exhibited here. All data on the Sultan himself, for and against him, as well as his period should be collected. A large exhibition area should be created. It can witness the thirty-three years of Ottoman history. All the details before and after the Union and Progress can be revealed to the eyes of the nation. This vibrant history is much more effective than what is told from textbooks.
Its surrounding and other parts of the building can be used for cultural activities. This is the best fit here. Opposite Topkapı, a cultural center and a great museum with a minister to it… How beautiful, pleasant and good.
It is being transformed into an entertainment center. For money and revenue, which is not everything, it should be abandoned immediately. Istanbul loses an important spirit.
In addition, the history of railways, a museum of development process can be created. Even the struggle of the automotive sector against the railways can be explained here with exhibitions.
KadıköyHaydarpaşa is a center that belongs to us and belongs to us in the face of alienation of Turkey. These entertainments are right across the station building Kadıköy there is more than enough. Let it live there in accordance with the original of this building.
The Haydarpasa station is one and there is no other example.

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