Countdown in Light Rail System Has Started in Sakarya

News Sakarya News Center has reached the special information about the Light Rail System which will operate between the New Terminal and the New Terminal.

It will support the Metropolitan Municipality of TCDD regarding the Light Rail System that will work between Adapazarı Station Building and New Terminal.

Two sets of Banliyo train sets produced by EUROTEM in TÜVASAŞ and currently operating between Haydarpaşa and Gebze will be given to Sakarya.

There are 4 wagons in suburban sets and 500 can carry passengers at the same time. The 2 suburb set will be able to carry 24 hour passengers by crossing flights.

Buses can stop at traffic lights. Suburban trains departing from the station building Office, Equipment, Mithatpaşa, 32 Houses and 3 stalls to be located in total 7 stop at the stop by the passengers can download and load.

Source: News Sakarya

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