Manisaya light rail coming

Manisa light rail system is coming: Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergun and Manisa OSB Chairman Sait Türek came together about the light rail system to be built in the city. Metropolitan President Ergun, light rail and State Railways related to the light rail system with the clarification of investment-finance procedures announced that they will complete until the beginning of Christmas.

MOSB Chairman Sait Türek, together with the regional industrialists, visited Cengiz Ergün, MHP Mayor of Manisa. Stating that the municipality is in the process of structuring, Metropolitan President Ergün stated that they will finish this process in early 2015. During the visit, the light rail system that will connect the city, one of the biggest demands of the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, and the Organized Industrial Zone, came to the agenda. Mayor Ergün stated that there is a big traffic problem in the city and that the light rail system will solve this problem and that negotiations with the State Railways have started. Mayor Ergün said, “We started the study as of last week. Last week, Azmi Açıkdil went to Ankara and held talks with State Railways. There may be minor changes on certain routes. "There is a 16- to 18-kilometer route starting from the area where the new garage was created and passing through the city to the Muradiye campus."


Stating that they expect to get an answer from the Ministry in about 10 days, Cengiz Ergün said, “There are 7 junctions related to the high-speed train passing through Manisa. This requires a huge cost. Alternatively, there is a situation that we have always presented since 3-4 years ago. The ministry is working on building a high-speed train around the existing ring road. They will make evaluations that the expropriations there can be done at a much lower price. Whether such a change will be made or not will be determined within 10-15 days. In this sense, when the situation of the light rail system that will pass over the station there becomes clear, we are at the point of starting project preparations related to this as soon as possible. After these processes are completed, projects should be implemented first for the light rail system as soon as possible. This is a 6-month period. We want to experience the implementation of this system together within 1 year after the appreciation that we have completed until the end of the year and the preliminary permits and finance leg of the ministry are resolved. ”


Stating that Manisa OSB is looking forward to the light rail system, OSB President Sait Türek said that the factories in the industry had great difficulties in carrying workers. Manisa OSB President Türek stated that the transportation system could not be maintained under today's conditions and that it is not the right approach to bring 50 thousand people to the city by bus. Türek said, “But now it continues like this because of desperation. We think that any financial institution that sees this passenger potential will give credit to finance this system. Because they are not happy with the factories in OSB. Moving workers with services also puts them in trouble. The responsibility of the worker also overlaps the factories. Factories' entrance and exit times cannot be elasticized. So it is very important for us. In another aspect, it is our desire that our city develops homogeneously and becomes a modern city. That's why we care about this light rail system. We think it must be absolutely. Because we think that these distances can only be connected with such a system. This is a 20-kilometer ring. Not with this bus or by minibus. We would like to be on one side of whatever we have. It is our only wish to solve this problem quickly. ”

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