After Kemalpaşa, One Branch of the High Speed ​​Train Will Go to İzmir and the Other to Manisa

State Railways (DDY) 3. Regional Manager Sebahattin Eriş stated that the Izmir-Ankara high speed train project will be divided into two after the Kemalpaşa district of İzmir, one arm will go to İzmir and the other will go to Manisa. Eris made examinations at level crossings in Barbaros District in Manisa. Answering journalists' questions about the high-speed train project here, Eriş noted that the Izmir-Ankara high-speed train has three stages and will cost about 6,5 billion liras. He said that the tender for Ankara-Afyonkarahisar was held and they were waiting for the tender for the second stage this year. This is Turkey's biggest project that the transfer of one of Accession, the speed of the train was the highlight of this line will be up to 250 kilometers.

Stating that the studies that were previously considered as double roads between Menemen and Manisa were revised with a broader vision, the 3rd Regional Director Eriş said, “We are designing the three roads between Menemen and Manisa. We will have to cross the Gediz River to the opposite shore, because those areas are very curved. We will probably cross the opposite shore with a viaduct and a tunnel. We will build a new railway between Manisa and Menemen, which will be available at a speed of at least 160 kilometers. We will not cancel the existing railway, we will use it as a freight line. ” said. Sebahattin Eriş explaining that they have decided to make a double-line between Menemen and Manisa before, “We made ground studies, we drew the application projects but then we were asked to think with a bigger vision. It was instructed that there would be three lines for high-speed trains and even four lines for some places. A high-speed train will pass from here, it may be a brand new route. We have huge investments in Manisa. We built between Manisa and Salihli, we renewed the road. The signal and electrification contract of the Menemen-Manisa-Akhisar-Bandırma line was signed for 484 million liras. These are international tenders. ” spoke in the form.

Here kazanStating that it was a pity that the incident happened but after the train accidents, headlines were made in the press such as "The train cut the car", Eriş said that they felt uncomfortable with this. Emphasizing that railway transportation is a form of transportation that occurs with friction, and therefore it can only stop at a distance of five times its speed, he said, “A train arriving at 100 kilometers speed does not have a chance to stop before 500 meters after pressing the brake in case of any danger. The vast majority of accidents are caused by this. Our citizens think that the train is like a car with an ABS braking system. Friends, the vehicle that hits the train is a road vehicle. We do not hit the vehicle. We have to go from road to highway for us to crash. These are false information used in the language of the press. It would be good to fix this news style. Today, construction is prohibited within 5 kilometers of the railway in European countries.” said..

Source: News 50


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