Railway must come from Ovit Tunnel

Million TL Savings A Year With Ovit Tunnel
15.5 Million TL Savings A Year With Ovit Tunnel

📩 26/02/2023 08:30

Mahmutoğlu, as the Chamber of Architects of our opinion, without making regional nationalism, the addition of the railway to the Ovit project. If we look at the money to be spent, this is what is needed for the proper use of the national wealth. Har

Turkey Architects and Engineers Chamber (Chamber) Rize Branch President Mustafa Mahmutoglu, Erzincan-Trabzon railway projects in the program that the described Chamber is participating at the invitation of Trabzon Branch, said: "I was invited to a program on the subject in Trabzon Hamamizade Cultural Center. I did a research without going into this program. In 2006 prepared the infrastructure of this project. The project is a project based in Trabzon from Erzincan to the Black Sea coast. This project is a success of the Trabzon bureaucracy. I'm sorry to know that. Why do we want the Ovit tunnel as Rizelis? Middle East and Southeast Anatolia, the Black Sea, the Caucasus and Turkey in this way we want to connect Central Asia. The Black Sea will be connected to the South by the Ovit Tunnel project that will mark the century of Rize. Railroads should be added to this project as well. ”
Ovit, without rail, becomes a plateau!

Mahmutoğlu said, “If a railway is not added to the Ovit tunnel project, this road will be no different from the plateau road. In the research of TCDD, the North Anatolian express line connecting Ankara - Sivas Cenkkaya district to Kars, with the connection to be given from this line, the most ideal is to reach Rize via the Ovit tunnel through Erzurum and then to Sarp. While the Ovit road, which is the most profitable project, is stopped, taking a different route to the railway means extra cost. As the Chamber of Architects, our idea is to add the railway to the Ovit project, without making regional nationalism. If we look at it in terms of money to be spent, this is what is needed for the correct use of national wealth," he said.

Mahmutoğlu, at this stage, the task of politicians, the civil society organizations related to the issue by bringing together the best strategy to determine the best interests of Rize said. Mahmutoğlu said, kap The port will expand and the south will be the gate to the sea. In addition, the businessman who will invest in the region does not transport by road when there is a railway. If the railroad does not come to our province, it will be difficult to bring businessmen to invest in our province Eğer.

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