Last Flights in Haydarpaşa

The Haydarpasa train station has played a very important role in Istanbul transportation for more than a century.

The historical building, where people from Anatolia took the first step to Istanbul, was the scene of many memories and movies.

Now Haydarpaşa is resting.

Because Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train operations will stop due to stops.

The last time will be held on January 31.

3 years after this date will not be able to make intercity journey.

Suburban trains between the Gebze-Haydarpaşa line will also end in June.

Buses between Istanbul and Kocaeli will be organized for the passengers not to be victims.

Last year, the damaged fire in the fire station is on the agenda.

According to the project, a design competition will make the building suitable for the city.

Istanbul-Baghdad Line was the starting point

  1. Haydarpaşa Station, built during the reign of Abdülhamid and opened in 1908, was built as the starting station of the Istanbul-Baghdad Railway line.

In the last periods of the Ottoman, Hicaz Railway services were also made here.

  1. During World War II, a large portion of the ammunition in the warehouse was damaged by sabotage.

Source: TRT



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