Derbent Tuzla Bus Services Start

Derbent Tuzla flights are starting
Derbent Tuzla flights are starting

31 will launch an express bus service between Derbent and Tuzla before the train departures.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 31 January 2012 will stop the bus service for stops between Derbent-Tuzla will set up a bus service. High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project will be stopped due to the work to be stopped in the train service to prevent the victims of the 200 number one express will be organized.

Parallel Stations to Train Stations

By bus, daily 8000 passengers will be able to travel between Derbent and Tuzla without any problems. 31 January 2012 will be cheaper as a alternative to the train service that will stop the municipal buses will be cheaper than the train schedule. Bus stops will stop at the stations in parallel to the train stations and ensure that the citizens are not victims.

Citizens Will Not Be Victimized

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ersin Yazici, who organized a press conference on the subject, stressed that the Metropolitan Municipality has taken measures to prevent the victims. Numerous press members attended the press conference at the Civil Society Center. Yazıcı said, X 10 eco-friendly Derbent-İzmit-Gebze and Tuzla İçmeler was put between time, ”he said.

Eco-Friendly Buses to be Used

30 Secretary General Yazıcı stated that otobüs Derbent head stops at Tuzla station stops parallel to the existing train stations. İçmeler Train Station with last station of Derbent - İzmit - Gebze - Tuzla İçmeler 15 will pick up passengers at the designated stop.

10 CNG compressed natural gas vehicles with official plates belonging to our Metropolitan Municipality and express flights parallel to train services will be organized. The duration of the voyage is planned as 90-105 minutes depending on the traffic. With these flights, a system that can accommodate approximately 8 thousand passengers per day will be established. For the time being, according to demand and trends, we can also increase the number of vehicles made with 10 vehicles at 15. Land

City Card Required

General Secretary Yazıcı reminded that the city card is mandatory and announced the fee schedule as full 5 and student 3 TL. Yazıcı said, “Our citizens who will use this line are required to purchase Kentkart, which is the Electronic Fare Collection System, which is valid within the borders of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, the money will not be valid and the ticket will not be sold.

Disabled, students etc. who used trains with their own cards before. Passengers who use free or discount cards must apply to Gebze KBB Service Building or Travel Cards Units within Kocaeli Fairground. Kentkart Dealers from our address or it will be accessible from the web address. "

Total 15 Will Stop

In order to minimize the distress of the citizens who are using the existing train services due to YHT Study, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was established a new code with 200 signage code.

  • In parallel with the existing railway stations will stop at the designated stops
  • Derbent station, Tuzla İçmeler Train Station last stop with Derbent ?? Izmit ?? Gebze ?? salts İçmeler between
  • With sparse stall (total 15 stall)
  • 10 units of CNN Compressed Natural Gas vehicles will be arranged with 30 units.
  • Expedition time is planned as 90-105 minutes depending on traffic.
  • These flights will be installed to meet the daily approximately 8.000 passengers.
  • Citizens who will use this line should take Kentkart which is an Electronic Toll Collection System in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, money will not be valid in the vehicle and ticket sales will not be made.
  • Previously using trains with their cards disabled, student etc. Passengers using a free or discount card, those who want to benefit from this discount and free travel must apply to Gebze ENT Service Building or Travel Cards Units within the Kocaeli Fairground.
  • Kentkart Dealers from our address or It can be accessed from the web address.

Private Public Buses: Line 401 / 402

The vehicles of this line entered TEM after Tütünçiftlik and only 60 did not enter TEM after Tütünçiftlik every minute and continued from D-100. One of these vehicles will go from D-100 to TEM with the new working order. Currently the D-100 has a private public transport to Gebze every 15 minutes. Furthermore, in addition to the existing vehicles running on this line, the new cars, which may consist of lying cars (65 of 20 vehicles lying on a daily basis) may be operated on the lines instead of resting to increase the frequency of flights.

Intercity Current Expeditions and Routes

Harem and Esenler entering the TEM from the Gulf TEM booths using the D-100 route from Kocaeli to Istanbul are making the last stop flights. Karamürsel departs EFETUR and Izmit Travel (48 vehicle) daily 190 flights and Kandıra departures Gürkan Metro (25 vehicle) makes 120 daily. In addition to these, companies that stop by Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal on their way from Istanbul to Anatolia are making transit flights from TEM to Harem and Esenler.

Flights to Sakarya Terminal

On the Adapazarı İzmit Derince route, where the 3 company departs from Sakarya Terminal, a total of 70 vehicles and 3 - 10 minutes are available from the D-4000 Highway with a capacity of 100 people per day.

Using the TEM route departing from Sakarya Terminal, 3 departing from Kocaeli Çayırova toll booths and making the last stop at Darica turnoff makes transportation from TEM with 57-5 capacity in total with 15 vehicle and 2200-10 minutes. With the 20 vehicle connected to the Sapanca Carriers Cooperative, the last stop of the West Terminal is on the D-40 Highway route between the 100 - XNUMX minutes.

Additional Intercity Transportation

Current intercity vehicles work at 50 percent capacity. EFETUR and Gürkan Metro companies working between Istanbul Izmit will buy approximately 80 vehicles in addition to these capacities. In this way, they will reach a daily capacity of 15000 passengers and 300 voyages. D-100 Highway between Adapazarı İzmit Derince and TEM between Sakarya Gebze

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