Metrobus fleet in Ankara reaches 100

The number of BRTs to ease the public transport burden reached 100. Metrobuses that add color and speed to the traffic with different designs on the capital roads and increase the comfort of public transportation add to the power of the Metropolitan Municipality's environmentalist fleet.
Melih Gökçek, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, said that ın The first 250 of 50 units of gas was signed at the beginning of September. 25 in October, 25 metrobus in November with the delivery of this number reached 100. Our environmentalist fleet of natural gas continues to strengthen. Doğal
Noting the 250 natural gas buses to be added to the fleet, President Gökçek stated that the delivery of the 250 diesel bellows metrobus will start very soon, and all vehicles will be delivered in May 2013. Stating that 99 buses will be scrapped after all new buses have joined the fleet and the average age of the vehicles will fall to 4.68, which is below the European average, President Gökçek said, 'All of the 500 articulated buses are low-based, suitable for disabled use, air-conditioned, with camera and GPS tracking system, He stated that he would be 18 meters long, 152 passenger capacity, with voice announcement system.
Metrobuses that will participate in the natural gas fleet within the General Directorate of EGO under the Metropolitan Municipality with the most environmentalist fleet of Europe; 18 meters long, 4 door, single bellows, natural gas, disabled platform, air-conditioned, with camera and low-based feature. Buses sitting at the 36, 116 serves as a standing total 152 passenger capacity. The first delivery of buses with a GPS tracking system, automatic transmission and 'Technology wonder' was held in September with a ceremony.

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