Iron Silk Road 2012ye may not catch up.

It is three years ago when the foundation was laid in Kars in Turkey stated that Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway completed in 3. Iron Silk Road line up to now 2011 percent complete. It is stated that the project, in which a team of 55 people works, may be delayed even more when Georgia shifts the line south.

ANKARA, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia 55 percent of the railway Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, which will join the network line has been completed. Authorities, the project construction of 7 24 200 hours of approximately one thousand people work, stating that the project is planned to be completed at the end of 2012, Georgia's line is a plan to scroll south, so a little delay may occur, he said. The 500 million-dollar project will provide a solution to the logistics problem, one of the biggest problems in the East.

the agenda years ago about 10 and aims to establish a direct rail link between Turkey and Georgia Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway project is among the current line to Turkey and Azerbaijan via Georgia implemented a amaçlıyor.proj to create a rail link, Central Asia, the Caspian Sea via Turkey binding, provision of transport over the road between Europe and Central Asia between Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan by passing through rail-sea combined transport connecting Central Asia to the Mediterranean and the development of transit transportation through Central Asia öngörülüyor.proj the three countries with the realization ensuring the development of cooperation in the energy sphere, Azerbaijan and Turkey are united by rail through Georgia olacak.merkez in Kars establishment of the planned logistics base with trade unions will revive the days of tourism. The project, which is also called as the project of the century, will also solve the logistics problem, which is one of the biggest problems of the East. The project, which will create economic viability, will also withdraw the investor who is afraid of coming to the region and who left the region.

Line may slide south and project may extend

Ministry of Transport, Railways, Ports and Airfields Construction (DLH) officials, the most important contribution of the line will make the economic sense, indicating that the construction of the 55'ın now completed, by the end of the 2012 year to complete the line they plan to complete, Georgia's line is a plan to shift to the south , so a little delay may occur. which it will cost approximately $ 500 million dollars of 295 and 105 million-kilometer railway line to meet Turkey's 76 the construction of the Kars-kilometer section between the Georgian border with Turkey is performing. section will perform the construction of Turkey, according to double infrastructure, single parent while construction is done, while Georgia has received from Azerbaijan 200 million-dollar loan to the border with Turkey about 30 kilometers until Ahilkelek is building a new line and the existing 160 kilometers in demiryolunu overhaul

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