Elmadağ - Kırıkkale Railway Project Infrastructure construction tender is concluded

TCDD Elmadağ - Kırıkkale Railway Project The joint venture that won the tender for the construction of Infrastructure construction has been invited for the contract
Section 2013 between Kayaş - Kırıkkale (Elmadağ - Kırıkkale) (Excluding V185988-V826.776.846-Vl1-Vl7 Viaducts) of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways, KİK number 9/0 and with an approximate cost of 5 TL (Km 45 + 440- The joint venture of Söğüt İnşaat - Yüksel İnşaat, which won the tender for the construction of 74 + 00) Infrastructure Construction, was invited for the contract. The contract will be signed with the joint venture, which won the tender, over 574.405.800 TL. As it is known, 5 companies / joint ventures submitted bids for the tender, and 1 company submitted a letter of appreciation.



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