Due To Discounts

Citizens who came to Uludağ due to extreme temperatures caused congestion when they wanted to go to the city center with a 5 TL discount cable car. Accompanied by Bursa view to Uludağ [more…]

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Our trains

Sir, I told the story of Öcal Ağbimin who made the Izmir-Ankara-İzmir flight by train. 3.5 on departure, trains two hours delayed, one-and-a-half hours normalizing trains .. [more…]

52 Army

Ordu Boztepe Documentary (Video)

Ordu Boztepe by Cable Car: The cable car, which has been the subject of long-term discussion in Ordu and will provide transportation to Boztepe, which is approximately 500 meters high, has been put into service. Total [more…]