New York Timestan Positive Response to Erzurum

One of the most important newspapers in the US, the New York Times travel page, 2011'da 41 place to go to Erzurum between the place, tourism and civil society organizations pleased. General Manager of Dedeman Palandöken Nuri Avşarer stated that the number of tourists will increase if the investor is supported. Erzurum Development Foundation (Er-Vak) President Erdal Guzel said that it is promising for the future that the fruits of the Winter Games are already being bought.

As with every year, the New York Times has posted a list of favorite holiday destinations this year. xnumx'inc prepared to host the World University Winter Games in January 25 and the New York Times list xnumx'inc in relation to Erzurum entering the ordinary, "How about skiing in Turkey? a winter sports capital, born in Anatolia "in the section titled," Turkey may not have come to mind, but the first mention of skiing largest in the country, there are snowy mountains. Today, the government is trying to make Erzurum 27 a population of 1000 people in Eastern Anatolia to become a winter sports capital for the 18 University Winter Games this month N. Erzurum's Whistler ski resort in British Columbia, as well as Chile, Georgia, Iceland, Northern Iraq, Georgia, Antwerp and Melbourne from all corners of the world to appeal to every taste of the country, region and city between the tourism and civil society organizations found positive.


Stating that Erzurum is among the places recommended by the New York Times to the readers is an expected result for the city that is preparing to host the 2011 Winter Games, Erzurum Development Foundation (Er-Vak) President Erdal Güzel said that the benefits have started to be paid before the games begin.

Noting that the name of the New York Times to be the name of Erzurum is a very important introduction to the future of the city. The city, the future 10 will be one of the world's leading centers for winter tourism in the year. But the city needs to keep this synergy alive and move forward. For this purpose, we want tourism awareness to become more widespread. If we can offer alternative tourism opportunities in addition to winter tourism, Erzurum may become one of the world's leading tourism centers. Previously, 'Erzurum why not Davos' we said. Now we have to set targets ahead of Davos. As the city can have all the tourism potentials, the energy provided by the 2011 Winter Games, if we can highlight other riches, Erzurum is open to the front, sahip he said.


General Manager of Dedeman Palandöken Nuri Avsarer, 2011 Winter Games in the ski resort in the center of the facilities of the winter sports center, he said.

Avşarer emphasized that Erzurum, which has an important position in the history of the Republic as well as the historical and cultural richness, has a serious potential in summer and winter tourism. For this, the state has to be at the forefront of investment. After the investor arrives, it is necessary to help him and make the sales policy right. This is with the right promotion policy. This is a serious need for resources from Turkey Promotion Fund. Erzurum will not be a ski resort but winter sports center. Plans should be made accordingly. In order to increase the quality of the city, the places where tourists can go and have fun in the city should be created, and the environment should be formed for the tourists to know the culture of the city. In addition, Ani ruins, Erzincan and Çoruh rafting links can be established in Erzurum, summer tourism also has a significant share i he said.
Reminding that they are planning to increase the capacity of two hotels on Palandöken Mountain, Avşarer said that investment can be made only if the Board of Directors takes a decision. - UAV

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