Farewell with Kayağa Çağ Kebab in Erzurum Palandöken

Farewell to Kayağa Çağ with Kebab in Erzurum Palandöken: The ski course started for the students with the end of the semester holiday ended with a spectacular show.

With the end of the semester break, the ski course for the students ended with a magnificent show. The students who received their certificates and the guests attending the ceremony were offered the age kebab on Palandöken Mountain.

The ski course, which has been carried out by the Merkez Yakutiye Municipality for 6 years, has come to an end. Students who were taken from their homes by shuttles during the holiday and moved to Palandöken Ski Center, learned to ski in a short time with 10 teachers. Parents showed great interest in the certificate ceremony held at the end of the course. The students who came from Palandoken Ski Center with the Turkish flag and torches in front of the gondola lift greeted the parents with applause. With the arrival of the skiers, thousands of balloons were released into the sky and Palandöken ski center took on a colorful appearance.

Speaking after the students' ski show, Yakutiye Mayor Ali Korkut stated that 6 students from the age group 12-500 attended the course, and that the ski equipment, food needs and transportation of the students were met by the Municipality. Stating that they are happy to introduce hundreds of children to skiing this year, as every year, Mayor Korkut said that they will not leave even a single child who does not know how to ski. Stating that they had a good semester break, the students told that they had looked at Palandöken from afar before, and that they learned how to go to Palandöken and ski this year, “This holiday has been very good for us. We believe that we will be more successful in our lessons after a nice holiday ”. After the certificate ceremony, Yakutiye Municipality offered 100 kg cag kebab in Palandöken for skiers and their parents.

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