TİGEM to Recruit 50 Contracted Personnel

TİGEM Will Lease Vegetable Seed Production Facility Complex

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Examination and Assignment of the Agricultural Engineer, Veterinarian, Technician and Technician Positions to be Employed in the Provincial Organization of the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises, the following positions will be appointed to the following positions as a result of the written and oral exam.

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Those who want to take the Entrance Exam must meet the following conditions

a) To carry the general conditions stated in Article 399 of the Decree Law 7,

b) To graduate from faculties/schools/vocational high schools or departments of higher education institutions in Turkey or abroad whose equivalence has been approved by the Higher Education Council, where the position is specified,

c) As of the application deadline, at least seventy (2022) points from the 3 Public Personnel Selection Exam from the KPSSP93 (for undergraduate graduates), KPSSP94 (for associate degree graduates) or KPSSP24.12.2022 (for secondary education graduates, the result announced on 70) and above,


1) The written part of the entrance exam will be held on Saturday, 18.03.2023 at 10.00:80 by Gazi University Measurement and Evaluation Application and Research Center (GAZİÖDM) in a single session in Ankara. The exam consists of 120 multiple-choice questions and the exam duration is XNUMX minutes.

2) Candidates who are eligible to participate in the written part of the entrance exam are determined by ranking, starting from the candidate with the highest score in KPSSP3, KPSSP93 or KPSSP94 according to the graduated program specified in the announcement, and not exceeding 10 (ON) times the number of positions planned to be appointed. Candidates with the same score as the KPSSP3, KPSSP93 or KPSSP94 score type according to the graduated program are also called for the entrance exam. Candidates in the ranking are announced on the bulletin board and website of the General Directorate. In addition, candidates who are accepted for the exam are notified electronically.

3) Candidates who are eligible to take the written exam will pay the 07.02.2023 TL (one hundred and fifty) fee by debit/credit card (by entering the card number) by entering their TR Identity Number at odeme.gazi.edu.tr between 20.02.2023 and 150; (Payments made by money order, EFT or other means are not processed), after making the payment, candidates will apply for the exam by clicking on basvuru.gazi.edu.tr and entering their TR Identity Number and filling in the required fields in the applications section.

4) When the candidates come to the exam, they can use any of the exam entrance documents and special identity documents given by GAZİÖDM {Identity Card with current photo with Turkish Identity Number, Republic of Turkey Identity Card (New Identity Card), valid passport, Blue Card/Pink Card or Temporary Identity Document ( They will have it with them)} for issuing a new ID. Candidates who do not have any special identity documents besides the exam entrance document, or who have an identity document that is deformed enough to make it difficult to recognize the candidate or lacks official identity features (no cold stamp, no seal, etc.), and any candidate who comes after the exam has started will not be allowed to take the exam.

5) No belongings, bags, wallets, mobile phones, calculators, etc., except for black pencil, eraser, sharpener, water in a transparent bottle, napkins (with or without transparent packaging), special identity document and exam entrance document are brought into the exam buildings. Electronic devices will not be accepted.

6) Candidates will be obliged to comply with the exam rules determined by GAZİÖDM.

7) Candidates who are successful in the written exam will be subjected to the oral exam in Ankara, and the date, place and time of the oral exam will be announced separately on the TİGEM (tigem.gov.tr) website.


1) Applications will be made to the Human Resources Department of the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises between 17.01.2023 and 27.01.2023 by hand or by mail (returned registered or courier). In case of application by mail, the required documents must arrive at the place of application by the end of the application period at the latest, and applications whose documents will reach the Presidency after the end of the application period will not be considered.

Documents required at the time of application:

  • Certified (notary or school certified or E-government printout) copy of diploma or graduation certificate, (For those who have completed their education abroad, a copy of the diploma equivalency document)
  • Computer printout of the result document showing the KPSS score,
  • One passport size photo,
  • ID card copy,
  • If there is any disability among the candidates who will apply for the exam, it should be documented with a health board report,
  • The information form containing the contact and e-mail information of the candidates to be obtained from the website of our General Directorate.

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