Have Children's Eye Examinations During the Semester Break

Have Children Have Eye Examinations During Somestir Holiday
Have Children Have Eye Examinations During Somestir Holiday

Kaşkaloğlu Eye Hospital Chief Physician Op. Dr. Bilgehan Sezgin Asena said that it would be beneficial for families to have their children's eye examinations, taking advantage of the semester break.

Noting that myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia, which are among the eye diseases, cannot be noticed by the families, the success of the children at school decreases. Dr. Asena said, "These disorders also negatively affect the motivation of children while studying."

Saying that "my child is lazy, he does not like to study", parents should think of eye diseases and said that it is of great importance for families to have their children examined, especially during the semester break.

Reminding that children with eye disorders usually look by keeping their head sideways or squinting to focus the image, Op.Dr.Bilgehan Sezgin Asena pointed out that in addition to such behaviors, children may also feel headache and eye pain.

Reminding that screening in infants and children at the age of 5-6 before school is necessary for the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases, Asena gave the following information: “Children should definitely undergo eye examination in terms of lazy eye, especially in this period. Even every healthy child should have regular eye exams every year. Eye health directly affects success in school. Families should act very consciously about whether there is an eye disease or not. Teachers also have a big role to play in this regard.

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