MEB Launches 'Winter Schools' for the First Time during the Semester Break

MEB Brings Winter Schools to Life for the First Time During the Semester Holiday
MEB Launches 'Winter Schools' for the First Time during the Semester Break

After the summer schools, the Ministry of National Education completed its preparations for free courses, which include fun and innovative learning approaches, in 4 fields: "science", "art", "mathematics" and "English", for the first time this year during the semester break. 18 January 2023 11:36
Approximately 19 million students in primary and secondary education institutions will receive report cards on January 20 to take the first semester break of the 2022-2023 academic year.

The “summer schools”, which were opened for the first time last year during the summer holidays, upon the instruction of the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, prompted the Ministry to act upon the intense demand from the parents. The Ministry decided to open all courses by expanding the scope of summer school during the 2-week semester break. In this context, free courses, which will be implemented in the “winter” period for the first time this year, will start on January 21 and continue until Sunday, February 5th.

Students will be able to take a total of 40 hours of courses in two weeks.

In the courses to be opened in Mathematics and English classes, activities will be held in 4 groups to be determined for students from 12th to 5th grade. A student can apply for both of these courses.

Students will participate in programs of 2 hours per day, 10 hours per week, and 20 hours in total from one lesson. The student who attends two courses will have taken a total of 40 hours of lessons in two weeks.

In the Science and Art Centers (BİLSEM) support and training courses, each workshop program in the fields of science and art will be planned for a total of 4 hours, with a maximum of 16 hours per day. A student will be able to attend the BİLSEM support and training course from at most two different workshops or course groups, and attend workshops for 16 hours a week and a total of 32 hours.
Students and teachers will be able to benefit from the courses opened in their provinces.

Digital materials ready for the semester break

Student activity materials were also prepared to be published digitally for English and mathematics courses to be opened during the semester break under the General Directorate of Basic Education. A draft framework program for mathematics and English lessons from the 4th to the 8th grade at primary education level was created.

For the first time, 5 different digital materials will be available to students for the semester break for pre-school, primary and secondary school levels. Two new magazines in digital environment were prepared: “Fun Winter with Mathematics” for mathematics lessons and “Winter Fun with English” for English lessons.

In addition, 3 different Science and Art Magazines, which contain up-to-date information and entertaining interactive content for students at 3 different levels, pre-school, primary school and secondary school, were prepared for the first time in the digital environment.

The Ministry will make the new digital education materials available to all students on its official website as of Friday, January 20, when the report cards will be given. The materials to be used in the courses were designed in a way that would allow students of all levels to have both an instructive and enjoyable time by considering their development. The program, in which new approaches were used, included content that was fun and related to daily life, covering the learning process by doing and experiencing, and enriched and differentiated according to the needs of the students.

The Ministry also prepared videos and interactive content in order to ensure the versatile development of primary school students in both mathematics and English courses.

In the program, which also included activities involving the active use of knowledge and skills, it was aimed to prepare students for the next term by resting, having fun and repeating what they learned.

Password science and data analysis activities in high schools

For the first time, the Ministry of National Education has prepared a new mathematics program with innovative approaches for the high school level courses to be held during the semester break. In the program, various areas were included in the program, from cryptography to data analysis, from the discovery of the world of geometry to activities where they could produce solutions to global problems.

In this context, in the courses, students will create their own password algorithms with activities where they will learn the basics of cipher science. In the activities titled “The adventure of data”, content was prepared for students to collect, analyze and make inferences about the data. With the mathematics program to be realized with the innovative approach of the Ministry of Education, students are expected to reach the details of how mathematics is used in real life and create their own projects.

In accordance with the newly prepared program, the teacher also prepared handbooks. The Ministry also published new materials on its website for the implementation of the new mathematics course program to be implemented in the courses.

55 different workshops will be established in BİLSEMs

Science and art courses at BİLSEMs will be open to all students between grades 2 and 12. In this course program, students will be able to benefit from 16-hour workshop programs. In this context, 55 different workshops in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, software development, aviation and space, renewable energy, scientific research techniques, mind games will be brought together with students in different regions of Turkey.

For students, there will be a semester break on January 23 - February 3, 2023, and the second break on April 17-20, 2023. The academic year will end on June 16, 2023.

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