LG Introduces 4K Smart Solution for Healthcare Environments

LG Introduces K-Smart Solution for Healthcare Environments
LG Introduces 4K Smart Solution for Healthcare Environments

📩 26/01/2023 15:53

The new video camera solution with LG webOS operating system facilitates convenient healthcare worker-patient interactions, day or night.

LG Electronics (LG) unveils the Smart Cam Pro (model AN-VC4PR), a 22K video camera designed for use in hospitals and healthcare centers. LG Smart Cam Pro provides sharp and clear image quality in environments with lights on or off, providing smooth video communication at all times, day or night. The new model also allows customization to healthcare solution providers, thanks to the integration of LG's versatile webOS platform.

Both the 4K RGB main camera and the 4K night vision camera of LG Smart Cam Pro offer crisp, ultra-high resolution (3,840 x 2,160) images1 and 4x digital zoom. The device also applies LG's HDR effect, which adjusts color and contrast, making it easier to see the subject even when there is strong natural or artificial light from behind. When paired with a TV/screen2 in patient rooms, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to virtually complete their visits with the personalized solution LG Smart Cam Pro. It can also determine if they need specific support before dealing with the patient in person. At the same time, after the call made on LG Smart Cam Pro is accepted, the receiver's TV screen3 switches from the watched content to the camera broadcast, and again to the previously watched content after the call is ended.

Having a compact design with a foldable mount, thus saving space, LG Smart Cam Pro can be placed on or near a TV or screen. The device has a slim dark silver case and a glossy black front with a manual safety cover that can be moved over the main lens depending on the user's preference. To ensure clear communication between patients and healthcare professionals, LG Smart Cam Pro is also equipped with a 4-way internal microphone system with echo cancellation and noise reduction.

In addition, LG's 4K smart camera is based on the LG webOS platform, which provides a practical user experience with the ability to add new and personalized services in the future, and a perfect video experience for the Internet of Things (IoT) and intense Edge AI applications to provide smooth software services4 for healthcare solutions. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., capable of delivering It also benefits from a high-performance system-on-a-chip (SoC).

“Taking advantage of both Qualcomm Technologies' systems-on-chip innovations and the LG webOS platform will enable LG Smart Cam Pro to transform the way healthcare is delivered around the world,” said Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “LG and Qualcomm Technologies continue to advance IoT camera technology for both consumers and businesses,” said Jeffery Torrance, Senior Vice President, Networked Intelligent Systems (CSS), General Manager. he added.

Paik Ki-mun, Senior Vice President and Head of Information Display Business Unit, LG Electronics Enterprise Solutions Business Unit, said: “Based on the LG webOS platform and Qualcomm's advanced SoC, the new LG Smart Cam Pro is designed for healthcare professionals and patients in busy healthcare environments. A 4K video camera solution that aims to provide a convenient way of communicating between As a trusted innovation partner, LG will continue to provide a broad range of product lines designed to meet the specific needs of various industries.”

LG Smart Cam Pro will be unveiled at ISE 31, which will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain from January 3 to February 2023. For more information on innovation, visit lg.com/global/business/commercial-tv/lg-an-vc22pr.

1 Image clarity may vary depending on the network environment.

2 TVs/displays must be connected via HDMI.

Available on compatible LG TVs connected via the 3MPI slot.

4 Performance may vary depending on network environment.


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