It's Our Debt to Organize the Economics Congress of the Second Century

It is our duty to organize the Economics Congress of the Second Century
It's Our Debt to Organize the Economics Congress of the Second Century

📩 14/01/2023 12:24

The first expert meeting of the second phase of the preparations for the Second Century Economics Congress, which will be organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan "We are building the Turkey of the Future", was held. President, who made a press statement after the meeting titled "We are Agree with Each Other". Tunç SoyerHe said, “It is the duty of Izmir and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to hold the Second Century Economics Congress in Izmir, the city of the foundation and the foundation.”

The preparatory meetings of the Second Century Economics Congress, which will be held by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality between 15-21 February 2023, continue. After the Stakeholder Meetings, which constituted the first stage of the congress between August 10 and December 1, 2022, the first expert meeting was held in the second stage with the title “We Agree with Each Other”. The meeting at St. Vukolos Church lasted about 6 hours. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer In his statement after the meeting, he said that they discussed the principles and decisions that emerged in the meetings they have been holding since August with experts and academics for the first time today. President Soyer said, “What has been done is actually this; All decisions and principles that needed an academic framework or a conceptualization were discussed here with a common mind, over differences. These can be carried to the congress to be held between 15-21 February as more mature and completed texts.

common sense emphasis

Expressing that they are also very excited, President Soyer said, “Because the Economics Congress of the Second Century will shed light on the future. We want decisions that will illuminate the future in the new century opened after the centennial of the Republic is completed. A century ago, like our ancestors, they came together with great self-confidence and great hope to shape that century. And they took joint decisions with a common mind. Many things were done after the Economics Congress. These meetings, which determined the economic policies, emerged as a purely civil initiative. At that time, there was a parliament in Ankara, but Mustafa Kemal Atatürk did not leave these decisions to that parliament. And with the gathering of 135 delegates from all over Turkey, it allowed joint decisions to be taken. That's what we're doing today," he said.

“We deserve better”

Mayor Soyer stated that İzmir is a city that carries this responsibility on its shoulders as the city of liberation and establishment, and continued his speech as follows: “To hold the Economics Congress of the Second Century is the duty of İzmir and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. We are trying to do what is necessary. We do not darken our necks. We have great hope. We know that our people deserve much better in this beautiful land, in the most beautiful climatic zone of the world and in this geography that has hosted the most beautiful civilizations in the world. We will continue to work together to achieve this.”

What did the participants say?

Turkey will lead the way

The names who attended the meeting also shared their opinions about the study. Magma Magazine Editor Kemal Tayfur said that organizing such a meeting a century later and determining the economic policies of the next century is extremely important. Kemal Tayfur said, “It is very valuable for different segments of the society to come together and discuss their own issues in line with the benefits of the society. This needs to get out of the scale of Izmir and spread to Turkey. İzmir may show a new path to Turkey at the beginning of this century, as it did at the beginning of the last century. I think that the decisions to be taken here will be very important especially for the working groups in the country. We are talking about segments that have been forgotten for nearly 50 years. If the decisions to be taken in line with the rights and interests of these segments can be effectively reflected on the society, beneficial results will emerge.

“It is important to be at the same table with people who do not think like us”

Dr. Itır Akdoğan, on the other hand, stated that it is very important to organize the congress of the second century as we enter a new century and said, “We are faced with many problems. Turkey and the world are going to a very different place. If we are going to make development with the reference of democracy, it is very important that we meet at the table where people who do not think like us are. The decisions to be taken here will play a key role for the second century,” he said.

“The work of different groups for a common purpose is a painting we miss”

Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür also said: “As we look to the next century, it is very important to give direction to economic policies, to give ideas, and to do this with people from different sectors with various experiences, both in terms of wealth and looking to the future with hope. It is a painting that we miss when different ideologies come together and work for a common purpose. It's also great to have that in Izmir.”

“I wanted to participate in order to raise awareness”

Expressing that a new world is right on the threshold of a new Turkey, Elbrus Umut Aksoy said, “Therefore, we find the Izmir Economics Congress very important in this sense. Economics is at the very center of life. My purpose of coming to this congress is to talk about human and brain drain, which is a basic structure of economics. Today, an incredible brain drain is happening, whether we ignore it or not. Turkey's educated, intellectual and university students said, 'I am not happy here. I can't find a future for myself," he says and immigrates. This has increased tremendously. It should not be like this. Especially in the country's centennial year. If the foundation of the economy is human and the youth is the basis of the human being, I also wanted to participate in order to be able to say a word against brain drain and raise awareness.”

Who participated?

CHP İzmir Deputy Özcan Purçu, Abdullah Baysak, Akın Kazançoğlu, Ali Ercan Özgür, Aslı Ceylan Öner, Can Güleryüzlü, Coşkun Üsterci, Cuma Çiçek, Erhan Laçin, Elbruz Umut Aksoy, Fatma Gök, Feride Aksu Witness, Fırat Mollaer, Fuat Keyman, Gabriel Akyüz, Gülbahar Kaplan, Huriye Serter, Itır Akdoğan, Kemal Tayfur, Kerem Dikmen, Mahmut Şeren, Mehmet Ersal, Melek Göregenli, Murat Borovalı, Murat Utkucu, Nazan Moroğlu, Nebi Sümer, Nejat Taştan, Nesibe Kırış, Nesim Bencoya, Nilüfer Taşkın , Oya Özarslan, Özcan Alper, Özen Sarıoğlan, Pandeli Laki Vingas, Peter Papi, Serap Oral Yüceerim, Sergen Gül, Yolcu Bilginç, Yelda Şimşir, Zakarya Mildanoğlu. Anjelik Kelavgil, Evren Laçin, İbrahim Betil, Kamuran Elbeyoğlu and Osman Sirkeci were among those who attended the meeting online.

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