Etimesgut Station Street is at the Service of Capitalists

Etimesgut Station Street is at the Service of the Baskent Citizens
Etimesgut Station Street is at the Service of Capitalists

📩 06/01/2023 15:56

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has completed the superstructure and infrastructure works on Istasyon Street, which has been waiting for a solution for 30 years and whose traffic has turned into gangrene. Giant project that solves the traffic problems of Etimesgut and Sincan districts; It cost a total of 528 million 699 thousand TL.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to make the capital city traffic more comfortable, reliable and more resistant to disasters.

ASKİ General Directorate produced a permanent solution in Etimesgut Station Street, where the rain water accumulated after heavy rain caused the manholes to overflow, and produced large discharge rainwater lines at 3 different points. The teams of the Department of Science Affairs completed the construction, asphalt and pavement maintenance and repair works in the region and opened the street to traffic.


In Etimesgut İstasyon Caddesi, where infrastructure problems have been experienced for years as well as traffic ordeals, the works to prevent floods and inundations, which started with the first digging on August 4, were completed.

ASKİ General Directorate laid about 3 kilometers of wastewater and 6 kilometers of rainwater lines within the scope of large discharge rainwater line manufacturing work at 4 different points. ASKİ teams also placed large grids called flood traps at the intersection of the street and the street at 19 points, and mounted small grids at 58 points. The infrastructure problem, which was eliminated with a giant investment, was completed with a cost of 162 million 994 thousand 922 TL.


The street has been made more comfortable with the pavement and asphalt works carried out on Etimesgut İstasyon Street. The asphalt and road marking works, where the teams of the Department of Science Affairs spent intense work day and night, have been completed. The sidewalks, which were damaged during the works and had existing problems, were repaired by the teams of the Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance and Repair Department.

Department of Science Affairs completed asphalt, construction and pavement works with a total cost of 239 million 705 thousand 12 TL.


The traffic problem of Etimesgut and Sincan districts, which turned into gangrene, was solved with bridges, multi-storey intersections and new roads. The Metropolitan Municipality has completed the İstasyon Caddesi Alternative Boulevard Project, which has a total length of 9 kilometers and consists of 4 railway crossing bridges and 1 underpass, for 126 million TL.

Together with the Alternative Boulevard Project, the infrastructure works of ASKİ and the asphalt and road painting works of the Department of Science, the total cost of the productions on İstasyon Street was 528 million 699 thousand 934 TL.


Citizens, who stated that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality saved the people of the region from great troubles with the infrastructure and superstructure works carried out on Etimesgut İstasyon Caddesi, expressed their satisfaction with the following words while thanking the Metropolitan Municipality for the works:

-Yavuz Çelik: “The roads of Istasyon Street were bad, there were infrastructure problems. Now none of these are left. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for the work it has done.”

-Halil İbrahim Dağaşan: “Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has built an unprecedented road in the history of the Republic. God bless you."

-Barış Kıran: “I have been working as a tradesman on İstasyon Street since 1984. This road was painful, we had this problem for years in Etimesgut. Our President, Mansur Yavaş, fixed both the infrastructure and asphalt of this place. I would like to thank everyone who contributed."

-Can Kıran: “After the works on İstasyon Caddesi were completed and opened to traffic, traffic accidents in the region were minimized. There was also an infrastructure problem; When it snowed and rained, it flooded here. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality solved this problem by cleaning the battlements. I would like to thank our President Mansur.”

-Hasbi Özbek: “As a person living in Etimesgut, I really liked the work of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality on Istasyon Street.”

-Alperen Oktay: “Istasyon Street was very busy during working hours. The traffic jam has come to an end with the alternative ways of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Now people can reach their workplaces and homes more quickly and easily.”

-Yakup Tümtürk: “Istasyon Street roads used to be very troublesome. There was no problem with this work. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for this.”

-Mustafa Nazlı: “When there was a flood on İstasyon Street, we could not enter or leave these places. Because the roads were very bad. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has completely eliminated these problems.”

-Murat Yıldırım: “I have been living in Etimesgut for 15 years. The situation here was dire. This service is an incomparable blessing for us… When it rained here, we could not cross the street.”

-Hayrullah Uşak: “The people of Etimesgut have been suffering for 20 years. There was no work here. The roads were very bad. There was an infrastructure problem; there was a flood. Metropolitan Municipality cleaned the battlements. He fixed the roads. It was really nice.”

-Bilal Taşdelen: “As a young person living in Etimesgut, I am very pleased with the work done on Istasyon Street… Apart from me, people are also very satisfied. I would like to thank our President Mansur for his services.”

-Orhan Öztürk: “Istasyon Street was very nice. Traffic eased. Besides, there used to be floods when it rained here. The renovation of the grilles was also very nice. May Allah be pleased with our President Mansur.”

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