Farmer's Precious Erkunt at Agroexpo Agriculture Fair

Farmer's Precious Erkunt at Agroexpo Agricultural Fair
Farmer's Precious Erkunt at Agroexpo Agriculture Fair

📩 30/01/2023 11:18

Erkunt Tractor will take the pulse of the farmers and the industry at the Agroexpo Agricultural Fair to be held in İzmir between 01-05 February.

Erkunt Tractor, which works to ensure that the tractors it manufactures are efficient, economical, farmer-friendly and resistant to harsh conditions by devoting a significant proportion of its turnover to R&D studies every year, also closely follows the latest technological developments in the world.

Erkunt Traktör's CEO, Tolga Saylan, stated that Erkunt, one of the youngest companies in the industry with its 20-year production history, has been continuing its activities for the development of the country's economy since its establishment, and said that they will present special innovations and surprises for the fair.


Noting that the Aegean Region is potentially one of the most important production areas of agriculture, Tolga Saylan said, “As Erkunt, we closely follow the changing and developing demands of this region and the farmers. Our authorized dealers and service organizations work very actively in the region. While our dealer organization continues to grow and strengthens rapidly, meetings with new dealer candidates are evaluated meticulously in line with the demands received.

During the fair, our Aegean authorized dealers will introduce products specific to the Aegean to the participants. All of our products, from the new reptile gear feature to the wide-track Kismet E-B, have been developed in line with the demands and requests from the Aegean. In addition to the models designed for vineyards, gardens and greenhouses, I invite our farmers, who want to closely examine our tractors equipped with the new e Capra technology and support our R&D studies with their opinions, to our stand in Hall C.


Stating that they presented the domestic production brands e Capra engine tractors to the taste of farmers for the first time at the Izmir Agriculture Fair last year, Tolga Saylan continued as follows: 75-cylinder and 3-cylinder models with Stage 3B emissions at the level of 4 HP have been tried by our farmers for exactly 1 year and it was much appreciated. Now, we will present it to our Aegean farmers in 3 different series, namely Luxury, E and M.

If we consider the days that our country has gone through, we see once again how important production and exports are. For this reason, one of our most important targets for 2023 will be export again. This year, we exported 25% of our total production. Next year, we aim to increase this rate by 10 more points with the e Capra Project and reach 35%. In summary, 2023 will be a very busy and dynamic year for us. While carrying out all these works, we aim to reduce foreign dependency, encourage domestic production, and most importantly, produce products that facilitate the work of both Turkish and world farmers by producing high-tech products at low cost.”

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