BTSO's Food Sector Representatives in Las Vegas

BTS's Food Industry Representatives in Las Vegas
BTSO's Food Sector Representatives in Las Vegas

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) projects in line with Turkey's export-oriented development goals are continuing at full speed. A delegation of 2 people participated in the Winter 70 Fancy Food Show fair held in Las Vegas within the scope of 2023 different UR-GE projects implemented by the Chamber in the food sector, 'processed' and 'frozen' with the support of the Ministry of Commerce.

Bursa's food industry representatives had the opportunity to closely examine the consumption habits in the country and the transformation in the sector while searching for new trade connections at the fair held in the USA, one of the largest markets in the world. Bringing together all industry stakeholders from all over the world, the fair brought together BTSO Board Members Haşim Kılıç and Hakan Batmaz, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Murat Bayizit and Chairman of the Food Council Burhan Sayılgan, as well as 'frozen' and 'processed' food vendors for the food sector. Members of two different UR-GE projects that he created participated.

BTS's Food Industry Representatives in Las Vegas

“Our Firms Achieve Significant Gains”

BTSO Board Member Hakan Batmaz said that the fair is one of the most important industry meetings in the world. Batmaz said, “Fancy Food Show is a very important organization for us to closely examine the consumption habits of countries and how the market conditions are shaped in the food industry, especially in a giant market like the USA. I believe that our members have gained significant gains in terms of the opportunities and market conditions offered by the fair. As BTSO, we will continue to bring all strategic sectors, especially food, to global markets with UR-GE projects.” said.

“Consumer Habits Determine the Conditions of the Market”

BTSO Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Murat Bayizit pointed out that the fairs are of great importance in terms of determining the consumer habits of the targeted countries and determining the production areas by making needs analysis. Stating that the USA is one of the most active markets in the world, especially on the retail side, Bayizit said, “This market also has its own dynamics. Just as the packaging, labels and presentation styles demanded by the consumers in Turkey are different, there is a different system in the USA. There is a very different product range at this fair, from the labels of the products to the logos on them.” said. Saying that they attended the fair with a delegation of 70 people from Bursa, Murat Bayizit continued as follows: “This event, which we have organized as BTSO, is just one of the works we have done to increase the exports of the sector. Non-tariff barriers to the global market on behalf of the industry and currency-related problems, which I think are temporary, negatively affect the competitiveness of our companies. However, we see the work we do on behalf of the sector as a marathon. We will continue our efforts to create more export targets and an intellectual accumulation in the sector.”

“Our Production Capability Is High”

BTSO Assembly Member Burhan Sayılgan said that they participated in the fair within the scope of two UR-GE projects operating in processed and frozen areas. Burhan Sayılgan stated that the fair was eagerly awaited by the sector representatives and said, “A fair where especially snack products are at the forefront is organized. The countries we compete with are here with their branded products. More than 80 percent of the products we make in Turkey are branded. In the coming years, if such fairs are organized at the level of national participation, the efficiency of our companies will increase even more. Our UR-GE members are able to make these products much better.” he said.

“There Are Positive Developments”

BTSO UR-GE Member and Head of Food Engineers Bursa Branch, Serkan Durmuş, said that they had very successful meetings on behalf of their companies at the fair. Stating that they contacted nearly 15 companies that produce sauces in the food industry and that they got positive results from their meetings, Durmuş said, “We will continue to work on new business connections. We participated in a regional and quality fair organization. I would like to thank BTSO and our Ministry of Commerce for enabling us to take part in such an important fair.” used the phrases.

BTSO UR-GE Member Yüksel Aktaş said that fairs are very effective platforms for the development of companies. Stating that they are continuing their efforts to participate in all the fairs held in the sector, Aktaş said, “We will continue to work diligently in our country's export journey. At this fair held in Las Vegas, USA, I closely examined the global change in our industry. In the light of the information we have obtained, we will be in a much more effective position in international markets.” said.

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