Here are 5 Ways to Lower Your Natural Gas Bill

Here is the Way to Lower the Natural Gas Bill
Here are 5 Ways to Lower Your Natural Gas Bill

As the temperature, which was above the seasonal norms, started to give way to precipitation and freezing cold, the search for economical and effective heating methods accelerated. The leading brand of the air-conditioning industry, Daikin, offers energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, allowing its users to save on cold. Daikin experts offer vital advice on ways to keep heating costs down during the winter months when bills rise.

In these days when cold and snowy weather is starting to make itself felt, the use of energy for heating is increasing. The fact that children will spend more time at home due to the two-week half term holiday means that the level of heaters will increase. Daikin experts emphasize that with maintenance and correct use, bills can be reduced by up to 35 percent. Devices aimed at increasing the efficiency obtained in return for small costs also reduce the bills.

Leave a space of 25 cm

Focusing on high efficiency and savings, Daikin experts underline that the correct use of panel radiators is one of the main measures to be taken physically in indoor environments. Experts, who say that at least 25 cm should be left between the radiators and the furniture, say that steps such as drying clothes on the radiators and covering them with thick curtains should be avoided.

Do not rely on piracy in maintenance

Incorrect installation of the chimney and condensation drain during the assembly phase, and lack of grounding connection cause the devices to break down or decrease their efficiency. According to experts, the wear and soot formation of ignition and flame components over time also reduces efficiency; The air formed in the installation and the upper part of the radiators decreases the water flow and thus becomes insufficiently heated. Not cleaning the combi bottom connection filters also causes loss of efficiency. For this reason, it is of great importance that the boiler is maintained regularly, both in terms of comfort and energy savings. Experts warn that taking service from pirate services with the idea of ​​'get cheap' in boiler maintenance may cause greater expenses for the user in the future.

Up to 7 percent savings effect

According to experts, the use of precision control devices also increases efficiency. Thanks to the integration of these devices into the combi boilers, exceeding the ideal temperature and excessive energy consumption are prevented. In addition to cleaning the combi boilers; After being filled with water again, it is reinforced with chemicals that will increase heat conduction, increasing heat efficiency. In addition, the acquisition of apparatus such as thermostatic valves and room thermostats in order to increase efficiency also affects savings. Every 1 degree lower room temperature can save up to 7 percent. Leaving the boiler at a low temperature instead of turning it off completely when leaving the house is shown as one of the formulas for economical heating.

Do not choose second hand boilers

Noting that it is not right to choose second-hand combi boilers because they are cheap, experts say that second-hand combi boilers can cause major problems for the user in a short time because they contain non-original parts.

Pay attention to the water pressure

In the event of a water leak in the combi or in the installation, the water pressure should not be pressed more than 1.5 bar while filling the combi with water. More than this ratio causes the water to expand more when the boiler is activated. This can damage the diaphragm of the expansion tank and cause unnecessary water discharge from the safety valve.

If the water pressure is less than 1.0 bar while filling the boiler with water, it may cause overheating in the heat exchanger or air bubbles in the installation when the boiler is activated. The formation of air bubbles in the installation causes the pump propellers to break. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the water pressure in the boiler.

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