20 January Baku Massacre and Martyrs Commemorated in Keçiören

January Baku Massacre and Martyrs Commemorated in Keciore
20 January Baku Massacre and Martyrs Commemorated in Keçiören

📩 20/01/2023 16:03

'33. Baku 20 January Massacre and Martyrs' Commemoration Panel was held.

A commemoration panel was held on the occasion of the 20rd anniversary of the massacre carried out by the Soviet Armies on January 1990, 33 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Ankara Ambassador Reşad Mammedov, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, 24th Term AK Party Çanakkale Deputy İsmail Kaşdemir, AK Party Keçiören District President Zafer Çoktan, Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography Professor. Dr. Toğrul İsmail, President of TÜRPAV Dr. Sinan Demirtürk, members of the municipal council, political parties and non-governmental organizations attended.

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, in his speech emphasizing the brotherhood of Turkey and Azerbaijan, said:

Our Azerbaijani brothers, who went to Azatlik Square saying, "We want to live free, were martyred by the Russian soldier." In 1918, the Azerbaijan State was established under the leadership of Mehmet Emin Resulzade. On April 28, 1920, independence was lost with the invasion of the country by the Soviet army. But in 1990, independence was regained thanks to our braves, martyrs and heroes. Our poet says, "What makes flags is the blood on it, the land is the homeland if anyone dies for it. Martyrs are the flag, the flag is in the sky, our dear brother Azerbaijan will stand free and independent until the end of the day. Our heroes will always be remembered, always remembered; We will always pray for them. When we said that we will hang the flag of the Turk on the hand of Turan, we added the following, 'we will hang the flag of Azerbaijan in Karabakh, which will be the day.' Thank God our Azerbaijani flag was hung in Karabakh. We commemorate our Baku martyrs with mercy and gratitude."

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