Rumkale Photographers Marathon Concluded

Rumkale Photographers Marathon Concluded
Rumkale Photographers Marathon Concluded

The Rumkale Photographers' Marathon, organized by Gazikultur affiliated to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with Gaziantep Photography Artists Association (GAFSAD) and Turkish Photographic Art Federation (TFSF), to promote the unique beauty of Rumkale and the Euphrates, between 9-11 September 2022. The winners were announced.

In the photo marathon, where Rumkale, the pearl of the Euphrates, is aimed to reach large audiences with the shots of photographers from many regions of Turkey: Yılmaz Topçu, who participated in the marathon from Aydın with his photograph with the composition “Rumkale”, won the first place; Mahmut Karaca from Kahramanmaraş came in second with his photo titled “Peace” and Ömer Açar from Gaziantep came in third with his photo named “Night Rumkale”.

İzzet Aran won the honorable mention with his photographs "Fishing Boat" and Ahmet Aslan "Night in Rumkale". 20 photographs were deemed worthy of being exhibited by the jury.

After the jury vote, the competitor who took the first place was given a monetary award of 10 thousand, the second 7 thousand and the third 4 thousand lira.

In the selection committee of the competition, experienced names such as EFİAP/B Mersin Photography Association Vice President Ahmet Yenmez, EFIAP named Adana Photography Amateurs Association member Ayhan Şenbayrak, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality and Cinema House Photographer Mahmut Ormancıoğlu and GAFSAD Chairman of the Board Hasan Yelken took place.

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