Applications for the Alleben Story Contest have begun
27 Gaziantep

Applications Started for the Alleben Short Story Contest

Applications have started for the "Alleben Story Contest" organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Gazikultur and Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of National Education under the coordination of Gaziantep Governor's Office. To increase the interest of Gaziantep youth in literature, to discover new talents in the field of short stories, [more…]

We are Planting a Thousand Saplings on the Buyukkilic Tram Line
38 Kayseri

120 Thousand Saplings to the Tram Line in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç examined the works on the Anafartalar-Şehir Hospital-Mobilyakent Rail System Line, which is under construction. President Büyükkılıç, with an approach that cares about green, 120 thousand units to the tram line [more…]

Low Kopure of the shampoo is acceptable

Low Foaming Shampoo Decent

Medipol University Çamlıca Hospital Dermatology Specialist Derya CAN, “Foaming does not mean that the shampoo cleans too much. When buying shampoo, we prefer products that do not contain SLES, SLS, paraben and silicone. [more…]

IBB Activated Total Class Workshop in the District
34 Istanbul

İBB Opened 9 Lesson Workshops in 11 Districts

IMM, which started to contribute to the problem of subsistence and accommodation of university students for the first time in its history, broke new ground with the kindergartens and pre-school education, the scholarships distributed and the dormitories put into service. 9 different [more…]

Mechanized TV Chair and Sofa Set

Mechanized TV Chair and Sofa Set

Although comfort, convenience and ergonomics are seen as very simple words, they are elements that affect our entire lives and even shape our bodies. Ergonomics, in particular, is as simple a term as it may seem. [more…]

Mountaineers from Izmir Will Walk the Road to Ephesus Mimas
35 Izmir

Mountaineers from Izmir Will Walk the Ephesus Mimas Road

The Turkish Mountaineering Federation (TDF) will bring together mountaineering clubs in İzmir for the Ephesus Mimas Road walk organized by İzmir Provincial Representative Office and supported by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. TDF, which is in the planned program of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation and [more…]

Hackers Focus Game Industry

Hackers Focus Game Industry

WatchGuard Turkey and Greece Country Manager Yusuf Evmez emphasizes that cyber security measures should not be ignored in the gaming industry. Cyber ​​attacks against the gaming industry continue. Rockstar, creator of GTA 6 game [more…]

Game-Changing Technologies at SAHA EXPO
34 Istanbul

Game-Changing Technologies at SAHA EXPO 2022

The latest innovative solutions for the Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry continue to increase its strength and capacity. While Turkey's achievements in this field continue to be discussed in the new world order, the game changer in the Russia-Ukraine war [more…]

Genie's Foreign Financial Assets Maintain High Level
86 China

China's External Financial Assets Remain High

"China's Balance of Payments Report for the First Half of 2022", published by the Chinese State Foreign Exchange Administration, states that at the end of June 2022, China's external financial assets amounted to 99,156,3 billion dollars, while its foreign debt amounted to 77,074,6 billion dollars. [more…]


Rotring 300

The Rotring 300 is one of the most popular pens. It is one of the types of pencils that students want to buy the most, especially during high school and university periods. It is a very nice pen to write. Easy to use, non-tiring [more…]

What is Acoustic Panel

What is Acoustic Panel?

Acoustic panel is one of the sound insulation products designed to provide sound insulation and produced with special sound absorbing materials and in decorative form. This sound insulation application [more…]

Amasra, the New Favorite of Cruise Tourism
74 Bartin

Amasra, the New Favorite of Cruise Tourism

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that Amasra, one of the prominent cities of the Western Black Sea Region with its tourism, hosted its fourth cruise ship and announced that a total of 2 Russian tourists came to Amasra. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure [more…]