What is a Committee Report? How to get it? In Which Cases Is a Committee Report Given?

What is a Committee Report? How to get it? In Which Cases Is a Committee Report Given?
What is a Committee Report? How to get it? In Which Cases Is a Committee Report Given?

One of the documents required during the employment period in the public or private sector is the delegation report. In some cases, a committee report obtained with a certain procedure may be requested for long leave periods. How to get a delegation report? What documents are required for the delegation report?

Among the documents prepared to start work in the private or public sector, there is also a full-fledged delegation report. In some cases, a committee report can be obtained for long leaves while working. It is necessary to follow a certain procedure to obtain the delegation report.

The committee report is a medical report document issued by doctors who have expertise in certain diseases, by signing and approving them separately. It is a document stating that the person has no health disability to work in the field of work he applied for. This document is presented to the workplace where the person will work. The delegation report can also be requested by some institutions.

In order to obtain a committee report, approval is obtained from individual physicians from outpatient clinics for an average of 6-7 diseases. Some documents are also required for the delegation report.

What is Delegation Report?

The committee report is to be treated by going to the departments in a hospital dealing with basic health problems. The general name of the report of all sections examined, not a report from a single section, is the delegation report.

Delegation report It is a health report that can be requested by institutions and organizations during employment. A person who receives a committee report should go to almost 7 - 8 departments and receive treatment. Making the reports of all treated departments into a single report and their approval by the board is called a committee report.

How to Get a Delegation Report?

Documents Required for the Delegation Report

  • Copy of ID (with TR number)
  • 3 recent passport photos
  • Those who do not have social security may be charged.
  • Registration form for the delegation report (taken from the hospital)

After the necessary tests or examinations are made for certain diseases, and after the results are obtained, individual physicians are given approval if there is no health problem. It is necessary to take a document for the committee report at the entrance of the hospital and fill in this document and use it with other necessary documents in the application. The document should definitely indicate what it is required to take. First of all, it is necessary to take this from the doctors to be analyzed.

According to him, some days in hospitals are delegation report days; It would be appropriate to arrange the day to go. Other sections can be completed until the analysis results are obtained. Since it is a delegation report, transactions are done without waiting in line. The committee report will be ready with the document signed by the physician whose last analysis report was obtained. However, the preparation of the report is delivered within 2-3 days.

How to Apply for a Committee Report?

The citizen who decides which hospital to go to for the delegation report must make a written application after going to the hospital. The committee should write a petition stating that they want the report and for what reason. After writing the petition for the delegation report, payment for the committee report is required to be made to the accounting department of the hospital or the department to which the petition is submitted.

Some hospitals provide forms instead of petitions and ask the person to fill this form. Applications can also be made through these forms that replace petitions. Delegation report for the school Students who want to apply must follow the same steps during the application phase.

What is the 2020 Delegation Report Fee?

Delegation report fee has also increased in year and it continues to increase every year. Trustees are charged separately report to the State Hospital of the Republic of Turkey. The fee for the delegation report of private hospitals varies depending on their own conditions.

Delegation Report Fees of Private Hospitals;

  • In private hospitals, the delegation report varies between 100 Turkish Liras and 300 Turkish Liras.

State Hospitals Committee Report Fees;

  • In state hospitals, the committee report fee varies between 100 Turkish Liras and 150 Turkish Liras.

Other Factors Affecting Committee Report Fee;

  • Entrance fee,
  • Treatment fee,
  • Document fee

Hospitals have the right to demand additional fees such as. Private hospitals determine the committee report fee by including all fees. Delegation report fees change every year and show a steady increase considering the current interest rates, foreign currency and tax rates.

In How Many Days To Receive Delegation Report?

How many days to get the delegation report The question is one of the most curious questions. The delegation report is delivered within a maximum of 7 working days, depending on the status of the delegation. If a committee report is to be obtained through state hospitals, this period varies between 3 and 4 working days and the waiting period decreases.

Committee reports are a type of report that can be received from the hospitals in the afternoon, and it is not expected much in the formation of the report. Even if the official period is determined as 7 working days, your report is ready in at least 3 days.

What is the Delegation Report Required?

The delegation report is usually requested when starting a new job. There are many institutions and organizations that request a delegation report.

It is possible to list them as follows;

  • A committee report is required for exemption from military service.
  • A medical report is required when starting a new job.
  • It is required for going abroad.
  • In cases where mandatory permission is required from the workplace, a committee report may be requested by the workplace.
  • A committee report is required for disability situations.
  • A committee report may be obligatory for those who have to use drugs continuously.
  • A committee report may be requested for the hearing impaired.
  • A committee report can be requested by the institution for diseases that require long-term rest and due to this rest period.
  • For prosthetic situations, a health report approved by the committee can be requested.

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How Long Is The Delegation Report?

The duration of the delegation report varies according to the patient's condition. On the delegation report given, there is the phrase "temporary period". If a report is given with this phrase, your next control period is also stated in the report.

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