10 Myths About Breast Cancer

10 Myths About Breast Cancer
10 Myths About Breast Cancer

Each year, about 2 million in the world, is 20-25 thousand women diagnosed with breast cancer in Turkey konuluyor

In our country, breast cancer is seen in one out of every 22-23 women throughout their life, and one in 6 breast cancer patients is under the age of 40. However, it is known that one of every 100 breast cancer patients is male. All these data reveal that breast cancer is spreading rapidly in the world and in our country. In this case, increasing awareness about breast cancer becomes more and more important every day. Professor of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Breast Health Center. Dr. Fatih Aydoğan drew attention to the importance of awareness on breast cancer, stating that there are many common mistakes about breast cancer.

"A person who has no family history of breast cancer does not have breast cancer"

FALSE! Many people think that breast cancer is completely inherited. However, most of the patients diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history. Familial or genetically inherited breast cancers constitute only 15-20% of all breast cancers.

"If there is pain in the mass in the breast, it is definitely not cancer"

FALSE! The most common finding in breast cancer is a painless mass. However, pain may accompany the mass in 10-20% of the patients. The presence or absence of pain is not a criterion for determining the importance of the mass. In case of a mass, the decision should be made based on the results of clinical examination and imaging tests.

"If there is no mass in the breast, there is no cancer"

FALSE! Breast cancer may have other findings than a mass. Collapse in the breast skin or tip, thickening of the breast skin, nipple discharge, and a mass under the armpit are among the other findings of breast cancer. Breast cancers seen in screening can be detected before they become a mass.

"Mammography is not taken at a young age"

FALSE! Screening mammography should be started after the age of 40 in a healthy woman who has no symptoms of breast cancer. However, it can be performed at an earlier age in the presence of a mass or similar findings or in case of breast cancer. Scientific guidelines on this subject recommend that the first mammography screening time for a woman with a family history of breast cancer should be 10 years before the breast cancer diagnosis age of the individual in the family.

"Breast cancer does not occur in young people"

FALSE! Although the risk of breast cancer increases with age, it can also be seen at an early age. The average age of breast cancer in Turkey is 11 years earlier than in the US. One of every 6 women diagnosed with breast cancer in our country is in their 20s and 30s.

"If two breasts are taken in patients with breast cancer, the disease will not recur and no additional treatment will be needed"

FALSE! In genetically transmitted breast cancers and intensive family history, risk-reducing surgery can be performed on the other breast. However, removing both breasts does not reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer to zero. Since breast cancer is a systemic disease, medication or radiation therapy may be required in addition to surgery.

"Women who are treated for breast cancer cannot have children again"

FALSE! Pregnancy can be allowed in eligible patients undergoing breast cancer treatment with the approval of the physician. Before chemotherapy is started, egg or embryo freezing procedures can be used to increase the chance of pregnancy with in vitro fertilization techniques.

"Tight and underwire bras increase the risk of breast cancer"

FALSE! There seems to be a spread of hearsay information in the society that the use of bras can cause breast cancer. Although it is theorized that the underwires in the bra prevent lymph flow by pressing the breast tissue, there is no scientific evidence related to breast cancer and the use of bras.

"Biopsy of masses causes breast cancer to spread"

FALSE! Needle biopsies are used for the diagnosis of suspicious breast masses. There is no scientific evidence that biopsies cause cancer spread. While there is no need for surgery for the masses that are benign as a result of needle biopsy, in patients diagnosed with breast cancer, the subtype of the tumor is determined by biopsy and a treatment plan is made. Therefore, biopsy is a very important application that guides breast cancer treatment.

"Cancer is not seen because men do not have breasts"

FALSE! Although breast tissue in men is less than in women, breast cancer can also occur in men. One of every 100 breast cancer patients is male. Breast cancer in men can be controlled in a short time with early diagnosis and treatment planning.


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