Marriage Rates Decreased by 20 Percent in the Last 20 Years in Turkey

Marriage Rates Decreased Percentage in Turkey in the Last Year
Marriage Rates Decreased by 20 Percent in the Last 20 Years in Turkey

According to the data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute, while the marriage rates in our country decreased by 20% in the last 20 years, divorces increased by 47%. While 32% of the couples cited irresponsibility and 14% of them cheating as the reason for divorce, family and relationship consultant Sevinç Karakaya drew attention to the importance of sexual literacy in marriage.

While marriage rates are falling in our country, divorce rates are also increasing. According to the data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), marriage rates have decreased by 20% in the last 20 years, while divorces have increased by 47%. While 33,6% of divorces take place in the first 5 years of marriage, when the reasons for divorce are examined, the problem of acting irresponsibly and irresponsibly ranks first with 32,2%. It is followed by cheating (14,1%), not being able to provide for the house (9,8%), and violence (8,1%). Interactive Counseling Family and Relationship Counselor Sevinç Karakaya, who stated that the problem of communication and bonding caused by the lack of education about sexuality, is also effective in the divorce of couples, draws attention to the importance of gaining sexual literacy by receiving training on sexual and reproductive health.

Based on the United Nations' data covering countries with laws and regulations that allow individuals to access sexual health and sexuality education, Sexual Therapist Sevinç Karakaya stated that Norway is in the first place with a score of 100%, and shared the following information: "Estonia, Turkmenistan, Hungary, While countries such as Romania, England, Uzbekistan, Germany, Ukraine, and Japan make the necessary legal arrangements for their citizens to access sexual education, countries that score above 80% are followed by Turkey and Indonesia with 78%, and Russia with 70%. The figures show that many countries around the world avoid providing a comprehensive education on sexuality in order to both recognize themselves and protect their health while forming their sexual identity due to social taboos. However, sexual education or therapies are not only limited to the individuals themselves, but also play a critical role in the correct communication of the couples with each other and ensure the preservation of the existing social structure.”

Sexual counseling and therapy form the basis of healthy communication

Sevinç Karakaya, stating that sexual therapies are accepted as a psychotherapy field with scientifically proven scope and effect, said, “Sexual therapy and counseling aim to solve the problems that people experience in the sexual field with scientific methods. At the end of this process, which is carried out by a psychologist, psychiatrist or sexual therapist, individuals can form a healthier bond both with themselves and with their spouses. As Interactive Life & Family Counseling Center, we support our clients to solve all their sexual problems with our adult, couple or adolescent focused sessions within the scope of sexual therapy. In individual and adolescent person therapies in our center, the client attends the session alone, while in couple sessions there is joint participation. Before the therapy applications, the client goes through the physiological and psychological analysis process in the first step. Afterwards, we reveal and treat people's problems with the speaking method. We constantly remind our clients that sexuality is not a skill, but a subject to be learned.”

Interdisciplinary therapy preserves social relationships

Interactive Counseling Family and Relationship Counselor Sevinç Karakaya, who underlined that integrating sexual therapies with family and marriage counseling as well as life or relationship counseling sessions, opens the door to healthy communication not only between spouses but also with other people, said: makes it possible to solve it in a directional way. We also provide services in many areas from family and marriage counseling to sexual therapy and psychotherapy, from life to relationship and divorce counseling, and enable individuals to develop better communication methods by getting to know themselves. Moreover, we offer our clients the opportunity to reach us quickly whenever they want, without worrying about missing an appointment, by doing all our counseling, especially sexual therapy, online or face-to-face.”

Rising divorces drive demand for sex therapy and family counseling

Saying that the number of clients visiting their centers for family and marriage counseling has increased in parallel with the divorce rates in recent years, Sevinç Karakaya said, “This is due to the increasing awareness of people on both bilateral relations and sexual issues. Since 2003, we have been following a science-based analytical solution for our clients in all areas we serve with our expert staff. With our professional teams, we support all couples and individuals who want to raise their communication power to the next level by addressing their problems and displaying a solution-oriented approach. With our mission built on reliability, transparency and being open to innovation, we draw a roadmap for each of our clients to realize the source of their instincts and achieve the happiness and success they need.”

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