Tips for Saving Electricity in Winter

Tips for Saving Electricity
Tips for Saving Electricity

Comparison site has announced saving tips that can be done both due to the early darkening of the weather with the arrival of the winter months and because the increase in the need for heating with the colder weather causes more electricity consumption.

Choose fluorescent or LED bulbs

In order to save on lighting, it is useful to use fluorescent or LED bulbs, as they have a longer life than incandescent bulbs. The average household can save up to $100 per month if they replace their bulbs with LEDs. Another suggestion is to always keep the lights off in rooms you don't use.

Take advantage of sunlight for warming

When the winter months come, one of the most reflected costs on the bills is heating. In winter, you can open your curtains and take advantage of the heat radiated from sunrise to sunset. Natural gas, electric heaters, temperature-regulated air conditioners are used for long periods in winter. In order for these to be reflected less on the bill, it is necessary to pay attention to the usage periods. Also, have your combi boiler serviced once a year, especially before the winter months. Another point to consider is that you can put a metallized radiator reflector (radiator back) behind your radiator to help save energy by reflecting hot air back into the room.

Insulation is important for savings

One of the most important supporters in energy saving is insulation. Poorly insulated roofs and walls can be a significant waste of energy. One of the most effective ways to warm up is to apply insulation tape to the door and window openings. Airtight strips that are easily affixed around windows can save you significant money. The double glazing of the windows also contributes to savings in the long run.

Use appliances with high energy class in white goods

Using high energy class devices is one of the most effective ways to save money. Some points to consider when using these devices may also contribute to your savings. For example, do not run the washing machine and dishwasher until they are properly filled. Washing the laundry in a short program contributes to savings. In winter, you can run the dryer less by using a heated aerator. You can let the dishes dry by leaving the door of the dishwasher open.

Paying attention to the use of small household appliances, which have a significant impact on the bill, is also important for savings. You can contribute to savings by changing your habits. You can prevent excessive electricity consumption by boiling as much water as you need in your kettle. Since the lime deposited in the electric kettle causes the water to heat up late, the device consumes more electricity. For this reason, clean the limescale and deposits frequently. If a dish that needs to be preheated is to be cooked in the oven, the time must be adjusted. Unnecessary preheating wastes electricity.

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