How to Cancel a TOKİ Application? How to Get Cancellation Application Fee Back?

How to Cancel a TOKI Application How to Get Back the Cancellation Application Fee
How to Cancel a TOKİ Application How to Get Back the Cancellation Application Fee

Nearly 250 million applications were received in the first two days for 2 thousand residences throughout Turkey to be built within the scope of TOKİ Social Housing Project. In addition, applications for TOKİ land and workplace are continuing. 500 TL is deposited to Halkbank or Ziraat Bank for the application fee. How to get TOKİ Application Fee back?

TOKİ, which has started to accept applications for 250 thousand social housing to be built, will accept applications until October 31st. In the first two days alone, more than 2 million applications were made to the TOKİ First Home, My First Work Place project. While this number is expected to be 5 million by the deadline, many citizens also want to receive the TOKİ Application Fee. Candidates for housing for various reasons, "How to cancel TOKİ application, how to cancel TOKİ application" How to get the Application Fee back? He started researching topics such as:


In order to cancel the TOKİ application, it is sufficient to wait for the time when TOK will call you for the contract and sign the relevant contract. If TOKİ monthly installments cannot be paid after the signing of the agreement, you can reach the TOKİ contact page on behalf of the house sale and get information about the sale of the house.

TOKİ application process takes place between 14 September 2022 and 31 October 2022. During this process, those who cancel their TOKİ application will be able to see the 500 TL they deposited in their accounts in the future. However, if the TOKİ application is canceled if the conditions are not met, your 500 TL will be burned.

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