Tramways in Samsun Carried 920 Passengers During TEKNOFEST

Trams in Samsun Carry a Thousand Passengers During TEKNOFEST
Tramways in Samsun Carried 920 Passengers During TEKNOFEST

SAMULAŞ, under the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, provided free transportation services to a total of 30 passengers by tram during TEKNOFEST, which took place between 4 August and 920 September.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality carried hundreds of thousands of people to the field free of charge for TEKNOFEST, Turkey's first and only festival that aims to develop national technologies. In Samsun, which had a brisk week including August 30 Victory Day, TEKNOFEST events, concerts and exam organizations, a total of 30 thousand 4 passengers were provided with free transportation service by rail system between 920 August and 880 September.

SAMULAŞ, which continues to operate the Rail System, has covered a total of 27 thousand 314 kilometers with a total of 38 trips by including 1912 additional flights to the planned 50 daily expeditions with 814 trams. Trams transported citizens to their destinations.

Within the scope of all activities, 92 trainee 7 control center personnel, 129 security and field officers, 10 technical personnel, 3 chiefs, 6 supervisors and all other SAMULAŞ employees took charge for safe and comfortable transportation service between 06.15 and 00.00. SAMULAS INC. General Manager Gökhan Beler said, “We had an extremely busy week, keeping the working discipline in line with the vision and instructions drawn by our President. The expression of our people's satisfaction has increased our determination to work even more," he said.

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  1. Gökhan beler, how are you a general manager? The machinists enter the flood water formed in the rain 2 days ago, the tram is filled with water. Passengers' feet get wet. Doesn't that mechanic know not to go into a half meter of water? What will you do if the destroyers get electrocuted? How many years have you done the business? If you can't, go out, let the doer come.