Asma Gardens Hosted Russian Architects

Asma Bahceler Hosted Russian Architects
Asma Gardens Hosted Russian Architects

Russian architects, who made investigations in Asma Bahçeler, which is built by Tanyer Yapı in Narlıdere and attracts attention with its different architecture, received information about the application.

Architects RF, a group of 25 people consisting of architects, civil engineers, urban planning students and lecturers from various cities of Russia, was the guest of Asma Bahçeler living space with mountain and sea views.

The construction processes and architectural features of the project were explained in detail by Metin Kılıç and Dürrin Süer, one of the founders of M plus D Architecture and architects of Asma Bahçeler, and Taylan Tanyer, General Manager of Tanyer Yapı A.Ş.

Architect Metin Kılıç said that the fame of Asma Bahçeler, which is a special project in which different construction techniques are used together and located on a sloping land, exceeds the borders of the country and this situation makes them proud.

Kılıç said, “We have determined a special architectural concept in Asma Bahçeler. The houses that go down gradually do not block each other's way. Each residence has its own private garden. Each garden is actually the roof of another. We used special insulation materials in the project. Thanks to water and heat insulation, the buildings have a longer life; and consumes less energy. Thanks to this unique architecture that rises with the understanding of terrace housing, homeowners from Asma Bahçeler wake up to the tones of green and blue every day.”

Taylan Tanyer, General Manager of Tanyer Yapı, stated that the region is distinguished by its nature, quiet environment, clean air and proximity to the city center, and emphasized that the project draws attention with its architectural design and landscaping as well as its construction techniques.

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