Is There an Age Limit in Orthodontic Treatment? Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Done At Any Age?

Is There an Age Limit in Orthodontic Treatment? Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Done at Any Age?
Is There an Age Limit in Orthodontic Treatment? Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Done at Any Age?

İzmir Chamber of Dentists (İZDO) Board Member Gizem Bayraktaroğlu said that with a properly planned orthodontic treatment, the teeth will have both a functional and an aesthetic structure.

In addition to dental irregularities of orthodontics; Bayraktaroğlu stated that it is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of developmental disorders of the face and jaws, and drew attention to the fact that there is no age limit for treatment.

Dentist Bayraktaroğlu, who gave information about the disease, said, “The main purpose of orthodontic treatment is a good closure. This is because the properly aligned teeth are compatible with the teeth in the opposite jaw. A good closing; It makes biting, chewing and talking easier. Another aim is to create a permanent oral health. Because irregular teeth are more difficult to clean, food residue can accumulate on their surface and therefore they can decay more quickly. It is necessary for a better oral health that the teeth can be cleaned more easily by straightening them. In addition, orthodontic treatments help to minimize possible gingival diseases and bone loss that can be caused by tension in the gums and alveolar bones in the future, in mouths where the closure is not good.


Dentist Gizem Bayraktaroğlu stated that although orthodontic treatment is mostly associated with children, approximately thirty percent of patients today consist of adults.

Bayraktaroğlu continued his words as follows: “Age is not a criterion to be evaluated for orthodontic treatment. If there is no skeletal problem and there is only crowding in the teeth, these disorders can be corrected with orthodontic treatment at any age. The patient's age only affects the duration of movement and treatment. However, if there is a skeletal problem, the treatment of these disorders until the end of adolescence can be corrected with orthopedic treatment approaches. In the adult period, such skeletal problems can be corrected with orthodontic treatment combined with orthognathic surgical operations. In such cases, they can correct a severe anomaly together by collaborating with a maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics.”

Emphasizing that they attach great importance to preventive dentistry as the management of Izmir Chamber of Dentists (IZDO), Dentist Gizem Bayraktaroğlu said, “Even if there is no problem, every child at the age of 6-7 should undergo an orthodontic examination. The purpose of preventive and preventive orthodontics; To prevent encountering an orthodontic problem in the future, to take timely precautions without the need for braces treatment as much as possible.

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