Export Bridge from SF Trade to Europe

Export Bridge from SF Trade to Europe
Export Bridge from SF Trade to Europe

SF Trade's Textile Marketing, Sales and P&D department officials, which provides services in the field of leather and textile products in Gaziemir Aegean Free Zone, had the opportunity to examine innovations by participating in sectoral fairs in Düsseldorf and Cologne, Germany.

SF Trade officials signed important export connections at the sectoral fairs held 2 years later due to the pandemic.

Stating that they follow sectoral fairs closely, Aylin Gözay, General Manager of SF Trade, said that they also direct R&D and P&D studies in line with the information they obtained.


Noting that they had the opportunity to develop new business during the fair, Aylin Gözay continued: “Such sectoral fairs held in Europe are important for us to introduce our products in the field of textiles and establish new connections. While our Sales Department team held their meetings with their customers, the P&D and Marketing departments examined the new products developed in the sectors they produce and established new contacts with their potential customers. The European market is important to us and is our target market. We are moving to a more aggressive sales strategy in medical product groups. We plan to increase our investments in innovative products in these groups. We produce with a system focused on quality, environment and people. We also attach importance to R&D and P&D in order to improve product diversity and quality.”

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