Top Coating Works Continue in Menemen

Top Coating Work Continues on Menemende
Top Coating Works Continue in Menemen

In the statement made by the General Directorate of İZSU, it was stated that asphalt paving works were completed in the central areas in the rain water and channel separation works carried out in Menemen, and both asphalt and top coating works continued intensively on the streets and streets outside the center.

İZSU General Directorate made a statement on the allegations that the roads were not covered after the infrastructure works carried out in Menemen on social media. It was reported that the asphalt paving works were completed in the central regions and the parquet coating works were continuing in the works, which started with a 21,8 million lira investment, which was initiated to prevent flooding in heavy rains in the district and to create a healthy canal infrastructure.

It was called a protected area, the works stopped

In the statement, it was emphasized that asphalt paving and top coating works continue intensively on the streets and streets outside the center; “We are continuing our rain water and canal lines renovation works that we started in May. We are laying 7 thousand 750 meters long sewer line, 870 meters long rain water line, we are doing the maintenance and repair of broken canal lines. We have reached the level of 2023 percent in our production, which will be completed in March 45. As İZSU General Directorate, we start the top coating works after about one and a half months after laying the line in order to prevent deterioration and collapse of the top coatings, due to the technique of the work, in all the infrastructure works we carry out throughout the city. As a result of the notifications made to the No. 1 Monuments Board that the excavation areas remained in the protected area, the manufacturing and top coating works stopped for about a month and a half. After the examinations of the No. 1 Monuments Board, it was understood that these areas were not protected areas and the work was resumed. Despite all these delays, asphalt work was completed on the streets and streets where the production was completed in the district center in June by the General Directorate of İZSU.

Asphalt paving works continue in the regions outside the district center and in Ulukent. Some of our teams continue to work on key cobblestone pavements on the streets and streets outside the district center at the points deteriorated due to excavation. Our teams are working hard to complete both production and top coating works so that our tradesmen and citizens are not victimized in our works to provide our Menemen district with a modern infrastructure and to prevent floods, especially in winter. Claims that deteriorated roads were not built and stones were not laid do not reflect the truth.

What was done in Menemen in 3 years?

İZSU General Directorate has invested 2019 million liras in Menemen district since 88,7. Kolongerisi Stream and its tributary as well as Asarlık and İncirlıpınar creeks were rehabilitated. New water wells were drilled to provide abundant and uninterrupted water to the district. Canal and rain water lines were separated in Villakent, Emiralem, Yahşelli, Göktepe, Maltepe, Kesik, Çavuş, Seyrek, Günerli and Musabey districts, and the flooding in these regions was ended. Ulukent Industrial Zone has a healthy canal infrastructure.

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