Photography Tips for Smartphone Users

Photography Tips for Smartphone Users
Photography Tips for Smartphone Users

World Photography Day is approaching. Before the 19th of August World Photography Day, Western Digital has some tips for those who are interested in photography. First of all, smartphones have become the devices of choice for photography today. All over the world, people take an incredible number of photos; According to data from Phototutorial, 2021 trillion photos were taken all over the world in 1,2. This number will reach 2022 trillion in 1,72; It is expected to exceed 2025 trillion in 2. Interestingly, 92,5 percent of the photos were taken with smartphones. After all, smartphones have brought out the “best photographer” in all of us. While smartphones allow us to develop our capabilities extremely quickly, smartphone cameras today are equipped with so many features that all we have to do is point the camera at the object we want to photograph and press the button.

Then how about hearing some tips and tricks to improve our photography skills?

Get to know your smartphone's camera. The first step for this should be to familiarize yourself with your smartphone's camera. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the manual settings, if any. You should pay attention to features such as focus and exposure. Take photos using different settings and carefully examine the differences. Today, while devices that shoot 4K and UHD have become commonplace, we see that many smartphones have the ability to record 8K videos. Higher resolution means more pixels in your video, which means more detail and higher levels of sharpness. You can use super fast microSD cards like the SanDisk Extreme microSD card. At the same time, the best way to get to know your smartphone camera is to shoot a lot with it. The more photos you take using different settings, the better you will become at using the setting that works best in different lighting conditions. Don't get stuck on one shooting setting and explore all the settings.

Discover natural lights. Try shooting outdoors using natural light. You will see that the photos taken outside are much different and richer than those taken inside. The important thing to note is this: Lighting not only defines the brightness and exposure of your photos, it also determines the tone and mood of the photo. So, if possible, make sure that your subject is well lit from the front and that it is not outlined by strong light from behind.

Sufficient storage. Of course, you don't want a moment when you're taking the best pictures of your life to be interrupted by your smartphone's "storage full" message. We shouldn't have to delete old ones in order to take new photos. Because photos are our memories and we should be able to keep them in our minds. There are many storage solutions available today, such as the SanDisk Extreme® microSDTM offering up to 1TB of storage and ideal for recording outdoor adventures, weekend trips or sporting events without skipping frames. Other options, including the SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive USB Type-CTM, easily free up space on your smartphone and transfer content between compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Another extremely robust option, the SanDisk® Extreme Portable SSD, allows storage on the go, connecting directly to your phones and saving your memories.

Steady shooting. Even the slightest hand shake can ruin the photo you take, so it's very important to keep your smartphone steady. You can try to support it with a stable object: Try leaning and holding it against a wall, rock or tree branch, for example. You can also buy reasonably priced tripods designed specifically for smartphones. Being able to stabilize the camera while shooting is even more important when shooting in low light conditions, as exposure times will be even longer. kazanhe's eating.

The importance of photo editing. There are many photo editing apps available today. Most of them are completely free or offer some basic functions for free. Don't limit yourself to just the editing options your smartphone offers. You can use this type of photo editing application to add many elements such as depth, tone or atmosphere. Many apps even offer “one-touch fixes” that create amazing changes with almost no effort.

As a result, continuing to take pictures is essential to becoming a better photographer. Also remember that by always using the right storage solution, you can continue to collect memories without worrying about erasing old ones.

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