Student Istanbulkart Online Application Period

Student Istanbulkart Online Application Period
Student Istanbulkart Online Application Period

Student Istanbulkart applications have been made easier so that students can easily access their transportation cards. Applications will now be made online only, instead of Istanbulkart Application Centers. Cards will be sent to home or school addresses after registration. Those who wish will be able to receive Student Istanbul cards from Istanbulkart Application Centers.

Another innovation comes to life in the Istanbulkart, which has been transformed into a life card by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Student Istanbulkart applications will be made only at without the need to go to Istanbulkart Application Centers. After the application process is completed, cardholders will receive their new cards with their desired delivery option. According to the delivery preference, free shipping will be made to the campus or to the address with a shipping fee. Delivery will also be made from Istanbulkart Application Centers after the online application and payment.


In the new period, Student Istanbulkart applications will be made from the web address instead of Istanbulkart Application Centers. Those who want to get a student Istanbulkart can visit and apply in a few steps. As the first step, he is asked to log in with his phone number from the web address or register. After creating an individual Istanbulkart profile, going to the 'Card Application' option on the main page and choosing 'Student' among the application options is the next step. After following the directions and filling in the necessary information, the application is finalized by choosing the delivery. For Student Istanbulkart applications, where three different delivery options are offered, delivery is not made outside of Istanbul. Existing Student Istanbulkart holders can continue to use their existing cards without applying for a new card.


Thanks to the digital card, Istanbulkart Mobil offers the opportunity to make all transportation payments within Istanbul, except Marmaray, with QR code, even without a physical card. Personally defined digital card through Istanbulkart Mobil makes transportation payments by keeping all discounts, transfers and distance-based charges reserved. Transportation payments made with QR code via Digital Student Istanbulkart are calculated over the student tariff.

The digital card starts to be calculated on the full tariff 6 months after the active education life ends. The Digital Istanbul card of users who have taken a break from their education life for more than 6 months but become a student again is transformed into a Digital Student Istanbul card by being queried from the system at regular intervals. In case the digital card continues to stay at the full tariff, users with active student status must register through the ALO153 Solution Center.

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