Ford Otosan Announces Its Sustainability Goals By Saying 'The Future Is Now'

Ford Otosan Announces Its Sustainability Targets By Saying The Future Is Now
Ford Otosan Announces Its Sustainability Goals By Saying 'The Future Is Now'

Operating in the Turkish automotive industry, Ford Otosan announced its new sustainability targets by saying "The Future is Now". Targeting zero emissions in its vehicle portfolio in the near future with the technologies it offers and its pioneering role in electric transformation, Ford Otosan aims to be a part of the automotive ecosystem in Turkey in many fields, from climate change to waste management and circular economy, from diversity and inclusivity to volunteering projects that will contribute to social welfare. announced the goals that will transform the future.

Ford Otosan, which has been carrying out all its activities with the aim of providing products and services that benefit the environment and society since the day it was founded, works to create more benefits in environmental, social and governance areas within the scope of its sustainability strategy.

Centering on the vision of “The Future is Now”, the company takes strong, comprehensive and determined steps towards becoming the pioneer of transformation in the entire ecosystem by involving its employees, suppliers, dealer network and business partners in its sustainability efforts.

Defining its priority issues under the headings of “climate change”, “waste and circular economy”, “water”, “diversity and inclusion” and “society” and explaining its long-term goals, Ford Otosan sets clear and achievable targets in the fields of environmental, social and governance. is starting a period in which the company fully owns and will meet the sustainability expectations of its stakeholders.

Ford Otosan prepares its campuses, suppliers and logistics operations to be carbon neutral

Ford Otosan, the leader of the electric transformation with the investments it has made in the automotive industry and the technologies it has developed since the past, has set its targets for zero emissions in the vehicles it will sell in the near future, and carbon neutrality in its facilities, suppliers and logistics services in order to reduce the effects of climate change.

In order to reduce the effects of climate change, Ford Otosan aims to sell only zero-emission vehicles by 2030 in passenger vehicles, by 2035 in light and medium commercial vehicles, and by 2040 in heavy commercial vehicles. In parallel with this goal, Ford Otosan, the sole European manufacturer of E-Transit and E-Transit Custom, continues to play a critical role in Ford's electrification strategy.

Ford Otosan, which aims to be carbon neutral in 2030 in its production facilities and R&D center in Turkey, obtains all of its electricity used in its campuses from 100% renewable resources.

Calculating the carbon emissions of its suppliers in terms of carbon transformation, Ford Otosan acts with the awareness that the automotive industry is a large ecosystem and aims to make more than 300 suppliers in its supply chain carbon neutral by 2035. In addition, the company aims to make its logistics operations carbon neutral by 2035.

On waste and circular economy; Committed to advancing with a zero-waste policy in landfills in its operations until 2030, Ford Otosan will completely remove single-use plastics from personal use, and increase the rate of recycled and renewable plastics in the use of plastics in the vehicles produced in its factories to 30 percent. In addition, the company, which carries out studies in this field with the awareness of the vital importance of clean water resources in terms of sustainability, aims to reduce the use of clean water per vehicle by 2030 percent until 40, with the recycling projects it will put forward in Gölcük, Yeniköy and Eskişehir.

By 2030, the proportion of women in all management positions of the company will be 50 percent.

Ford Otosan, which has the highest number of female employees in the automotive sector, believes that the way to transform social welfare and the future is through diversity and inclusion, and aims to increase the proportion of women in all management positions to 2030 percent by 50.

Ford Otosan, at the meeting in March where Koç Group announced its gender equality commitments in technology and innovation; announced that it aims to support initiatives where at least half of the management staff is women, and to reach 2026 thousand women by 100 through awareness, education and financial support projects for the society. In addition to these targets, it had committed to increase the rate of women working in the company in the field of technology and innovation to 30 percent and to double it in its entire dealer network.

Ford Otosan, which has been working with the understanding of "Equality at Work", became the only automotive, also the first and only industrial company from Turkey to be included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index in 2021, and this year it increased its score thanks to its egalitarian policies. continued to receive.

In order to achieve its vision of “being the most valuable and most preferred industrial company in Turkey”, Ford Otosan has also set a goal that will create social benefit for the society it is in in its long-term sustainability goals, and it will increase the ratio of volunteers to take part in social activities among all employees to 2030. announced that it aims to increase it to 35 percent.

Ford Otosan General Manager Güven Özyurt: “We are taking strong steps with 'The Future is Now' for the future of our world”

Güven Özyurt, General Manager of Ford Otosan, evaluated the sustainability targets they announced with the motto "The Future is Now":

“The global problems we face are forcing the whole world to change. With sustainable approaches shaped by the collective mind, concrete actions are needed more than ever. We share our long-term roadmap in the fields of environmental, social and governance with the sustainability targets we have set forth today, and we are starting a movement towards this need together with our suppliers and dealers.

With innovative technologies, we always aim to make our customers live the future from today. We are working to lead the sustainability transformation of the automotive industry in Turkey and to successfully integrate ourselves and the entire ecosystem in our country into the process accelerated by the EU Green Consensus. In addition to the works that will reduce our environmental footprint, we also make serious investments in human-oriented innovation.

Producing Turkey's first fully electric commercial vehicle, the first domestic heavy commercial transmission; The fact that we are a company in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index that employs the largest number of women in the sector are some of the achievements that we will take our strength from while working towards achieving these goals. With our long-term sustainability goals, which we put forward by saying 'The Future is Now', we are taking solid and strong steps for the future together with our stakeholders.”

Ford Otosan's pioneering and transformative power is also reflected in international indices.

Ford Otosan's works in the field of sustainability from past to present; With its fair, transparent and accountable management approach, it is among the signatory members of the United Nations Global Compact.

The company, which prepared its 2021 sustainability report in accordance with the “Basic” option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and under the supervision of an independent audit firm, shared its sustainability activities with all its stakeholders in a transparent and inclusive manner.

Among the important indices used by investors who want to make responsible investments with a focus on sustainability; Ford Otosan, which is included in the BIST Sustainability, FTSE4Good Emerging Markets and Bloomberg Gender Equality (as of 2021) indices, has been actively responding to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last three years, while also participating in the CDP Climate Change and Water Programs. Ford Otosan, which has made a commitment to reduce its emissions to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) this year, is also among the companies that support the Climate-Related Financial Statements Task Force (TCFD).

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