Domestic Solution to Trust Problem in NFT World

A Native Solution to the Problem of Trust in the NFT World
Domestic Solution to Trust Problem in NFT World

One of the most important unknowns of this system is how to find out whether works of art are fake or stolen in the NFT world. Domestic solution Artcert has produced a solution to the security problem in this ecosystem.

Artwork in the NFT system, which represents entities in the digital universe, can be any type of digital file: a work of art, an article or music. This world, which is considered as an important and necessary innovation, is seen as a new and valuable system that also contains unknowns. In the world of NFT, pieces of art can change hands for thousands, millions of dollars or euros, and can even be sold at the world's most famous art auction houses. How to determine whether the artworks in this system are fake or stolen is one of the most important unknowns of the system.

Domestic startup ArtCert is a newly established venture company to address this unknown. Aiming to build trust for the existing and potential ecosystem in the NFT system, the company provides solutions for the art world, content creators and buyers. It presents the solution as in the physical world, by creating "certificates of authenticity".

Can Orhun, the founding partner of ArtCert, who has developed projects on blockchain with his teams in companies where he worked as a senior manager in the IT sector for many years, said, “A certificate issued by artists, galleries or auction companies that sell or produce an artwork in countries where the art market is formed and developed. With this, it is documented whether the work is fake, stolen or original work. Proving the authenticity of artworks produced in the NFT world is critical. As ArtCert, we are solving this problem with a "Certificate of Authenticity" to be produced on NFT and blockchain platforms for the works in this world.” gave the information.

In the digital certificate produced by ArtCert, the verified identity information of the artist, the name of the work, the creation date of the work, its dimensions, features, number of editions and other information are written and signed. All artists are verified with an official identity document and a face-to-face interview, one time only, before the first certificate is issued. Blockchain is a system where contracts, work and payments are defined, verified, stored and digitally recorded and signed. Since any change in this system requires consensus, the blockchain is considered transparent and secure.

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