What Time Does the Istanbul Democracy Festival Start? Where is Yenikapi Event Area and How to Go?

What Time Istanbul Democracy Festival Begins Yenikapi Event Area Where How To Go
What Time Istanbul Democracy Festival Starts Where is Yenikapı Event Area, How to Go

IMM will celebrate the third year of the 23 June elections, which went down in the history of democracy, together with the people of Istanbul. The address of the 'Democracy Festival', which will last all day, will be Yenikapı Event Area. In the programs where many colorful shows will be organized; The enthusiasm will reach its peak with the concerts of Clock at Home, Mavi Grey, BEGE, Reynmen, DJ Ersin and Edis. IETT will organize additional flights to reach the celebrations that will transform Yenikapı into a festive square. There will be free ring services from Yenikapı Metro to the event area. For the return, free buses will be taken to 10 points of the city. Metro Istanbul; It will extend its services on the M1, M2, M7 metro lines and T1 and T4 tram lines until 01.00:XNUMX at night. City Lines from Yenikapı Kadıköy and will make additional flights to Üsküdar. What Time Does the Istanbul Democracy Festival Start? Where is Yenikapi Event Area and How to Go?

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the 2019 June 3 Istanbul elections in a festive mood. IMM will organize expeditions for transportation of colorful programs that last throughout the day. IETT will make free ring services from Yenikapı Metro to the event area between 14.00 and 21.00. For the return of citizens participating in the Democracy Festival; Beşiktaş Square, Mecidiyeköy IETT Platforms, Atatürk Cultural Center front, Gaziosmanpaşa IETT Platforms, Kağıthane IETT Platforms, Bağcılar Square, Hacıosman Metro, Kadıköy Buses will run between 23.00 and 24.00 to Dock IETT Platforms, Üsküdar Beach IETT Platforms and Beykoz Ortaçeşme IETT Platforms.

Metro Istanbul; M1 (Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport), M2 (Yenikapı-Hacıosman), M7 (Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey) subways and T1 (Kabataş-Bağcılar) and T4 (Topkapı – Mescid-i Selam) tram lines will be extended until 01.00:23.30 at night. City Lines, from Yenikapı at 23.45 to Üsküdar, at XNUMX KadıköyIt will make additional flights to .


The ceremony area, where the doors will open at 23 on 14.00 June, will be the scene of colorful moments. DJ performance, cortege group, juggling and pantomime shows will entertain the guests throughout the day. Istanbulites will attend workshops on mandala, canvas painting and wind vane making.

All affiliates and units of IMM will take their place in the festivities. National and local water taxis produced by Şehir Hatları will be waiting for their enthusiasts in the area. History with new domestic metrobus vehicles purchased by IETT KadıköyThe fashion nostalgic tram will also be available for those who come to the area. On the other hand, firefighting training vehicle, state-of-the-art cleaning vehicles and various vehicles serving the city can be seen in the ceremony area.


İSTON, one of the subsidiaries of İBB, will make live production in the field all day long with its revolutionary 3D printer. The BİMTAŞ subsidiary will also offer visitors the opportunity to visit places such as Göbeklitepe, Yerebatan cistern and Rumelihisarı with virtual reality. Sports Istanbul will add color to the day with various sports activities accompanied by expert trainers. It will be possible to purchase from the Ağaç AŞ Garden Market, BELTUR caravan, Public Bread kiosk, and Hamidiye water stands.


Yenikapı Event Space will experience a different enthusiasm at each concert. DJ Ersin will animate the crowd that fills the area. Clock at Home and Blue Gray Groups will share their most loved works with their fans. Afterwards, Reynmen and BEGE will take the stage and have a pleasant time with their performances. Democracy Festival, host İBB President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter the address of the Istanbulites, it will continue with the concert of the popular artist Edis.



  • 16.00 – Clock at Home
  • 17.30 – Blue Gray
  • 19.30 – BEGE – Reynmen
  • 20.45 – DJ Ersin
  • 21.00 -Edis

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