What is a Judge, What Does He Do, How To Become? Judge Salaries 2022

What is a Judge What Does He Do How To Become Judge Salaries
What is a Judge, What Does He Do, How to Become Judge Salaries 2022

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A judge is a person who works in the courts and ensures that a decision is made on any issue by staying within the framework of the law. Judges resolve disputes that individuals have with the state or individuals.

What Does a Judge Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The judge is in charge of resolving legal issues. In this way, it can take away the rights and freedoms of individuals. Judges manage legal processes by taking into account the constitution, laws and customs and taking their power from their conscience. Other duties and responsibilities of judges are listed as follows;

  • Examining the case files
  • To apply to the information of the parties subject to the lawsuit and, if necessary, the experts,
  • To follow new regulations,
  • Making decisions impartially,
  • Adding the information or documents submitted by the parties, representatives of the parties, the prosecutor's office and the expert to the case file,
  • To pass judgment on the case on behalf of the Turkish nation.

What Education Is Required To Become A Judge?

The jurisdiction is basically divided into two. Judges work in the civil or administrative jurisdiction. Those who will be judges in the field of judicial justice must first graduate from the law faculties of universities, which provide 4-year education. Persons who have graduated from the Faculty of Law must obtain the score sufficient to be appointed in the exam prepared jointly by the Ministry of Justice and OSYM. In order to become a judge in the field of administrative justice, they must first graduate from the Faculty of Law, which provides 4 years of education, or the Faculties of Political Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Economics or Finance, which provide sufficient education in the field of law. Graduates of the relevant faculties must obtain the score sufficient to be appointed in the exam prepared jointly by the Ministry of Justice and OSYM. Judges who are successful in both the administrative and judicial fields are appointed with the main duty after working as an intern.

Conditions of being a judge what? This question is on the minds of many people today. For this, it is necessary to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey. There are also requirements such as;

  • Graduating from the law department
  • Success in the judge exam
  • Internship for 6 months
  • Not to be convicted of disgraceful crimes
  • Not to be sentenced for 1 year or more for intentionally committed crimes

If the necessary conditions are not met, it cannot be dominated. In particular, success in the judgeship exam, 6 months of internship and graduation from the law department should not be forgotten.

How to Become a Judge

How can I dominate? This question is on the minds of many. If you want to pursue this profession, you must first qualify to study at a law school. This section buys on Equal Weight.

After the successful completion of the training process, the Judicial Judge and Prosecutor Candidate Exam, which is organized within the body of OSYM, must be entered and sufficient points must be obtained. There is also a judge's exam. After passing this, there is an internship for 6 months.

There are also some qualifications to be a judge. People need to be impartial and fair, disciplined and solution-oriented. It is also important to have a sense of responsibility, strong observation skills, and to be able to approach events from different angles.

How Much is the Judge's Salary in 2022?

University and department preferences are made accordingly. Judges are frequently asked in this regard. In general, salaries according to their degrees are as follows;

  • 1st degree-24 years: It can be up to 25 thousand Turkish liras.
  • Divided into 1st degree-first class: It is approximately 20 thousand Turkish liras.
  • 1st degree: It takes approximately 18 thousand Turkish liras.
  • 2nd degree: It is approximately 15 thousand 750 Turkish liras.
  • 3rd degree: It is approximately 15,200 Turkish liras.
  • 4rd degree: It is approximately 14,500 Turkish liras.
  • 5th degree: It is approximately 14 thousand Turkish liras.
  • 6nd degree: It is approximately 13 thousand 500 Turkish liras.

In addition, it may differ from year to year. It may vary in cases such as seniority, region, marital status, number of children. Therefore, it should be examined regularly.

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