What is a Career Counselor, What Does It Do, How To Become? Career Counselor Salaries 2022

What is a Career Counselor What Does It Do How To Be Career Counselor Salaries
What is a Career Counselor, What Does It Do, How to Become Career Counselor Salaries 2022

Career Counselor is a professional title given to people who help individuals determine their goals in their business life and what they want to do and why. They determine the expectations and goals of the people and draw a suitable route for them. They provide professional support not only for the period in which they will start their business life and the job selection suitable for them, but also for the place where the person lives or wants to live.

What Does a Career Counselor Do?

  What is a Career Counselor? Career Counselor Salaries 2022 We can list the professional duties of Career Counselors as follows;

  • It makes it easier for you to decide on career alternatives.
  • It helps you to eliminate your exam anxiety.
  • It guides you on how to start your internship.
  • It supports you in preparing your CV.
  • Provides detailed information and support about the interview.
  • Finds answers to all your questions about making a career.

How to Become a Career Counselor?

In order to become a Career Counselor, it is necessary to analyze human behavior and psychology well. You can choose the Department of Sociology, Department of Public Relations and education departments where behavioral science courses can be seen. Special education programs are also available.

People who want to be a Career Counselor must have certain qualifications;

  • Provide consultancy services to company personnel regarding career planning and ways of making a career.
  • Must have knowledge of talent management.
  • Career management should be carried out.
  • The company should identify the development points of its personnel.
  • He/she should follow up the development trainings to be held in the company.
  • Support the Human Resources department.
  • Provide coaching to employees when needed.

The requirements for becoming a Career Counselor are as follows;

  • Must be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Must graduate from departments such as Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Psychology, Sociology.
  • Must be knowledgeable about career opportunities and options.
  • Must have effective communication skills.
  • Must pass oral or written exams.
  • Must not have been convicted of disgraceful or deliberate crimes.

Career Counselor Salaries

The lowest Career Counselor salary received in 2022 was determined as 5.400 TL, the average Career Counselor salary was 6.300 TL, and the highest Career Counselor salary was 9.500 TL.

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